: Aftermarket Lights?

04-21-11, 12:16 AM
Hello all. Been a member here for a few years and owned a few Caddys that have come and gone. Just acquired an 88 Allante this week with 85k on the clock but a little uncared for. Paid $1700, which by what I see parts going for on Ebay I could easily make back if I went that route. However I am not, so I am going to ask a question that I am sure has come up many times before.

My headlights are busted, and never mind not being able to find a good deal, I am having trouble finding any at all. Is there a company that makes an aftermarket headlight for these? Like the ones that you can get for any chump-car Civic, mustang and other dime a dozen rustbox the young'uns are pimping out these days? I don't care about looking original so I would just like to get by with whatever would pass safety. Chances are I would go back to my originals with a repair job afterwards anyways.

The other option that I think I would rather like to try is to replace them with the older style rectangular four headlight system. Has anybody ever tried to modify their car this way?

I've been known to make a square peg fit in a round hole a time or two, so if this isn't something tried before I may still want to give it a shot anyways. However my laziness would probably win over if there is a kit that could be bought that accomplishes my goal of certifying the car.

Thanks for any input.

04-21-11, 12:29 PM
Congrats on your Allante purchase. Please dont treat this car like "any chump-car Civic", because its not. Unfortunately not many companies make replacement parts for these cars anymore. The are a few NOS parts floating around for this car, and a few parts are interchangeable with other same era caddies. the headlights/tailights arent though

if the headlight glass lens is broken, contact Dick Hussey and Ron Backus at Allante Source. He has them, they arent cheap, but they are the correct ones.
phone: (561) 844-3938

If you dont think youre getting a fair deal from Allante Source check http://www.allante.us/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl . theres always a guy or two there parting an Allante.

04-21-11, 09:29 PM
I was afraid of that. I guess I'll keep my eyes out for ones being parted out (including the link above).

04-23-11, 12:53 PM
any luck so far?

05-07-11, 08:31 AM
i have a 90 model , lost one of my glass headlight lenses and had to make do for a while. i think i used a lifght from an oldsmobile calais or little buick. the fit wasso close that you didnt really notice it.

05-08-11, 10:03 AM
Might look at a mid 90's Chevy Caprice. They used a composite one piece light

05-09-11, 08:54 AM
i have a 90 model , lost one of my glass headlight lenses and had to make do for a while. i think i used a lifght from an oldsmobile calais or little buick. the fit wasso close that you didnt really notice it.

I had lights here from an Olds Ninety Eight (I think the year was 89 or so) and they were about 1/2" too long. I am gonna look around at various vehicles and make comparisons. How did you attach them? Did they mount to the rad support with the same holes, or did you have to make any?

Another option I am considering is removing the glass lens (which is held to the rest of the assembly with some clips) and just putting in a clear piece of 1/4" thick flat glass. Chances are it will crack / break as soon as rain hits it when its hot, but at least it would get me through a safety check before that happens.

05-10-11, 01:21 AM
Dick Hussey has the correct lenses, and can make your old headlights look like new. very much worth the effort to have correct fitting parts.

05-10-11, 12:36 PM
I've been to his site and was unable to find any mention of lights. I think I will go to him for that pulldown motor some time in the future though. Mine is busted around the main center support on it and is useless. Seems to still electrically work though :/

05-10-11, 03:16 PM
ive been to his actual store/shop

he has stacks and stacks of parts not listed on his website.

give him a call, he does not pressure to buy. he is definitely very knowledgeable.

When i bought my allante, the abs light stayed on, i called him and told him the situation, he didnt try to sell me anything, instead walked me through resetting the parking brake. When that fixed the prob he asked if there was anything else i was concerned with. never offered to sell me any part

eventually i needed a part, i called him and asked about the part, he helped me try to diagnose the issue instead of selling me the part. when it was fully clear that the part needed replacing, he sold it to me...