: Which drop kit to use???

04-20-11, 10:18 PM
Hey all,

I am curious with all the posts lately on raising/leveling/lowering, what exactly one needs to lower an 07 regular? I have seen different kits which range in price from $300-$800, but which kit is the proper kit? Do I need one with shocks or can I go with a straight spring kit from Eibach or Ground Force? I have searched to figure this out but no one seems to discuss the actual kit and pieces they needed to achieve the 2" (apporx) drop. If you guys could give me some direction this I would appreciate it!!!

Thanks :band:

04-20-11, 10:31 PM
Belltech makes a 2/3 drop, 2 inch front and 3 inch rear

04-20-11, 11:06 PM
I did some research and alot of guys like the McGaughys spindle drop.. Anybody have any long term reviews on the kits? most of the posts i read guys had just put them in so maybe we can get some feedback on them.

04-20-11, 11:33 PM
Belltech makes a 2/3 drop, 2 inch front and 3 inch rear

Do you mean this one?


How does this effect the Autoride, which I have read is standard????

04-21-11, 10:38 AM
they use brckets to keep the shock in a diffrent location but same ride. i was also looking at that kit, guys on the Tahoe forum swear by that kit on their LTZ's

04-21-11, 12:10 PM
they use brckets to keep the shock in a diffrent location but same ride. i was also looking at that kit, guys on the Tahoe forum swear by that kit on their LTZ's

I think it's the Pedders suspension kit that they swear by on the Tahoe forum.

04-21-11, 04:31 PM
i read post from about 30 guys with LTZ's (auto ride) that swear by belltech.. and the link above is the guy on the forum everybody is getting the kits from.

04-21-11, 05:59 PM
I used the Ground Force 2.5 in. spindle front/3 in. spring rear kit and found it great. They use a spacer block under the rear height sensors vice shorter or bending rods. They also include a spring damper (kinda like a chinese finger) on the rear springs. It did involve cutting off part of the front ball joint stud but they included a tool to get that right. Alignment seemed right after installation but I had it aligned anyway. Very smooth ride and much better handling but cannot attribute all of that to the GF kit because I put front and rear Hotchkiss sway bars at the same time. Did not have the others to compare it to but all the parts seemed high quality, fit right, excellent instructions and all parts included. Even though they said in the instructions that the rear shocks would be OK with the lowered springs, I bought some DJM rear shock extenders....could not use them because of interference with the Hotchkiss rear bar which probably could have been eliminated if I had used the supplied rear bar mounting spacers but I did not want to run spacers under the sway bar mounts. After one year and the subsequent installation of a 9.5 rear, I still have no complaints. My wheels, however, 24" Bazo Miami's, will not allow me to use fixed calipers so I am running the Big Baer 15" rotors (front) with the stock calipers and yellow EBC brake pads....this combination brakes well but does not allow use of spare wheel/tire (or 18") in the front. The Baer kit fit the GF front spindles without issue. I have heard the the GF front spring kit is not nearly as good and the McGaughtery's (?) kit rides harsh in the rear.

04-22-11, 04:33 PM
Thanks WaterKing! I am currently running 305/30/26's, so with the Belltech drop will have any problems to watch out for? I know there will be some cutting of the rock guard, but with this specific kit would there be any problems with it?

05-08-11, 06:43 PM
I have experience with Mcgaugheys and DJM all with 26" rims first I had a 2/3 mcgauheys it was alright I have awd and the instructions were less than specific but got it done then I wanted lower so I did 4" djm springs in rear and 1" springs in front I also had what djm calls the rear kit. It was low I had 295/30/26 tires and it rubbed a littlle after I took out the inner fender wells and modified some stuff. I ended up taking the springs out and raising it back to 2/3 but I left the DJM rear kit on I think this is a must as to not bind up the sway bar and the lower control arms stay the same angle. The tires should be fine with 2/3 and 305/30/26 I ran mine with minimal rubbing.

05-09-11, 02:01 PM
Just recently put a Belltech 753SP kit on my 2007 Esky. Very impressed with the kit overall. I actually wanted to get rid of autoride, think they have a few kits that keep the autoride shocks, but the 753SP comes with shocks.

I wanted 4/4

The back is pretty simple, new springs/shocks and a shock extender shackle. If you were only doing a 2" drop I think you would just do the springs and be good. Really simple to do the back.

The front is a little more challenging if you are going 4. I think if you just want a 2 you can just do the shocks. The fronts come with a bunch of steel rings that can be used to adjust the height. I used none of them to get max drop.

But since I wanted a 4" drop on the front as well I also put in a new drop spindle. That's a bit of a pain because you have to pretty much pull everything off in the suspension area, tie rods, control arms, etc. If you use the drop spindle you do have to use the provided upper control arm bushings so that the upper control arm can be aligned properly to provide proper camber.

I had the bushings pressed in by a local mechanic who I really trust and he said they were an absolute pain in the ass - but he got em' done. Make sure you read the instructions provided as they are supposed to be installed a certain way.

On my stock 285/45/22's the fronts do rub a bit at a little less than full lock so I still need to trim a bit of the fender lining but it's very, very mild.

If someone wants a picture let me know and I can posts some up.

05-10-11, 10:13 AM
yes pictures please I bet your truck looks amazing

05-10-11, 08:51 PM
yes pictures please I bet your truck looks amazing

Will try to get some up soon.

As a side note, got the truck aligned today and the rubbing is pretty much gone thankfully!

06-23-11, 10:07 PM
07 Denali (I know I'm in the wrong place but there's a shit ton of good info here). I used the McGaughys 30009 (specific for Air Ride) kit and love it. It's a 2/3 drop with spindles in the front and springs in the rear. The McGaughy spindles are the best on the market. I added the Eibach front and rear sway bars and my truck handles like a Porsche. Seriously. I have 24" KTM Slides with 305/35/24 and no rubbing at all, even when pulling the boat. The kit costs me right at $500 and the sway bars were $350 for the full kit. Pretty easy install on both. YOU HAVE TO GET A FULL FOUR WHEEL ALIGNMENT ASAP AFTER INSTALLING. Go to the closet shop you can find, your alignment will be jacked when your done installing.

Just make sure whatever kit you get is specific for Air Ride. If you don't relocate the load level sensors, your truck will try to put it ass up at the normal stock height and look really stupid. Maybe even blow a bag trying to get it up. 30008 is non air ride, 30009 is with air ride so make sure you get the 30009.

08-16-11, 02:08 AM
quick question...do you get the 26" rims installed before or after the drop kit install? Trying to figure the right process.

Step01 - Mount 26x10 (305/30/26) wheels to stock Escalade
Step02 - Install lowering kit
Step03 - Install sway bars
Step04 - Get alignment

Is that the proper way to do it?

P.S. - Are you guys installing these 2/3 drop kits in the home garage as a DIY project????

Thanks for sharing all the info...much appreciated!

08-18-11, 09:44 PM
hi there i have a escalde 2010 with 24 tire are 305/35/24 which one do people recommend using the McGaughys or belltech i want to drop it 3 in the front 5 in the rear but i noticed using 305/35/24 its stick out a lil
will it rub the fender