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10-08-04, 05:32 PM
Car was low on coolant & took to my mechanic to check out. I got 2nd hand info that they had to order these parts. New owner (3 month) can anybody shed some light on this problem, & the cost associated with this repair. Sounds like it could be labor intensive. They also stated this is common with this car any info would be appreciated. Will talk with the shop owner tomorrow first hand. Will advise what he has to say Thanks.

10-08-04, 06:51 PM
When I first read your post I thought you were describing the cam drive mechanism....maybe you were...??? The Northstar engine does not have timing belts and pulleys. The cams are driven by chains and sprockets that never need replacement. If the mechanic is describing a cam drive belt and sprocket then he is hosing you.

Actually, though, since you indicate an engine cooling concern (low coolant from overheating maybe...???) there is the greatest likelyhood that the mechanic is describing the pulley that is on the end of the intake camshaft on the left bank of cylinders and the belt that drives the water pump. The FWD Northstar engine has the water pump on the rear of the block on the left side (front side) of the engine. It is driven by a separate small belt off a pulley on the left side intake camshaft at the rear end of the cam. The cam sticks thru a seal in the cam cover and the pulley is pressed on. It is common to replace the water pump drive belt, expecially if it has never been replaced before on a 95....it doesn't owe you a dime at this point in its life. It is unusual to replace the pulley on the cam....possibly the belt failed and damaged it...???

If it is the water pump drive pulley and the water pump belt it is a pretty minor repair that is very easy to do. I would guess that parts are around $100 and the labor is the same.....purely a guess off the top of my head.

10-09-04, 08:07 AM
B Bob, You were right. It is the sprocket assoc. w/ the pump. owner assured me it will not be too big a deal couple hundred $. but they have to order some parts for it. Thanks, for your help. can rest easier over the weekend knowing it is not a major repair. Only have the car 3 months & I really like it. Thanks again

10-09-04, 08:13 AM
I had to replace the water pump drive pulley on my 93' STS. The water pump bearing was failing and the belt was getting shredded.

The pulley tried to spin the pump, but the pump was binding. The plastic pulley was melted in places and the grooves were distorted.

If the pully is damaged, you need to know why. It may be that the water pump is failing, or the belt tensioner might not be moving free enough to apply full pressure to the belt; to keep it from slipping.

Pulley lists at $29.98.
Belt about $8.50


Rob Benham
10-11-04, 01:49 AM
That's right. A few hours into my first Caddy ownership and a friendly service shop guy said "your timing belts worn sir."

Well, he could be forgiven for thinking this, but when I got a quote of a $1,000 for changing the timing belts - from a Cadillac dealership - it took me a while to calm down. When I did I realized that such a little belt could not possibly drive the cam, and I could see no sign of the rear one anyway. Getting the air ducting out of the way revealed this $9 part which took me 10 mins to change. What were they thinking??!!