View Full Version : Wheel repair in Dallas/Tyler area.

04-19-11, 08:38 AM
Does anyone know a good place with fast turnaround for wheel repair in the Tyler/Dallas area? My two front wheels have been curbed. Nothing bad, just the normal scrapes a lot of people are getting. My wheels are polished aluminum. Also does anyone know how to shine these up? They have brake dust embedded in some of the grooves from not being cleaned often enough. I have tried aluminum polish, but I guess they are clearcoated cause it does nothing.

04-19-11, 09:45 AM
call up ur dealership...they usually use someone to handle that...mine just gave me # of someone they use for wheel repair.

04-19-11, 12:04 PM
Yeah, try the dealership. Crest Plano was trying to do mines for me, but I was getting them powder coated so it didn't matter.

Silver -V-
04-19-11, 03:10 PM
Wheel Repair in Carrollton


04-19-11, 04:34 PM
Thanks Guys.