View Full Version : 500 with coolant coming out lifters!

04-18-11, 04:16 PM
I have a stumper. 76' 500" motor rebuilt 17 years ago and stored since. Some lube in cylinders but never any coolant since rebuild. The engine is from RWD but pan/sump are from Eldo. I recently put the engine in a vehicle, and to wake it up, I pulled the intake and rocker covers, slathered the top end and cam with assembly lube, and lubed the cylinders with Brad Penn 30w break-in oil. Put that in the sump, filled the new oil filter with it, and packed the oil pump. Then spun the oil pump. My electric oil pressure gauge wasn't wired in for view, but I had oil bubbling out the sender drilling at the back of the motor. Each cylinder ran 215 psi within 5%. Added water. Started engine. No oil pressure on gauge, but oil definitely getting to sender. But the oil was now foam green..... Engine shut off within 3 minutes. rpm was 1200 when running. No bad noises. Inspected rockers....lube still in place. Plugs all dry. Retorqued heads....minimal change, maybe 100 before torquing. Coolant pressure test done with distributor out and oil drained and sump plug out and intake manifold off. Water/oil shoot out of lifters with pushrods removed. Both sides. Inspected timing chest. No apparent cracks. Compressed air into sender passage at back of engine also sends water/oil/air out of lifters on both sides. Huh?? Internal crack somewhere near front of engine? Resigned to finding another block, but have you ever heard of this?

04-18-11, 05:08 PM
Sounds like a crack in the block somewhere... You got to take it all apart now... Maybe you can get a new block and save everything else..

04-18-11, 07:16 PM
Do you live in cold climate? 17 yrs of hot/cold could put a lot of moisure in the block, possibly cracking it.

04-18-11, 08:59 PM
Hope that it is head gaskets.

04-18-11, 11:52 PM
Not sure how head gaskets would explain direct pressure reaction in lifter galley. It would explain water in oil, but water or air pressure applied causes water to squirt out of lifters on both sides of block. My guess is a crack in the block where the oil passes up before branching to both galleys. Looked under front cover, but timing gears are still in, obscuring total view. When you buy a long-block and send in the core, do they care if the block was probably cracked?

04-19-11, 01:00 AM
They probably wouldnt give you credit unless the block was usable.

04-21-11, 03:56 PM
The lesson to be learned is: Don't use the 3/8" hole above the oil pump on your 500" for your heater. It is an oil galley plug. So far, inspection of the lifters shows no harm.

04-21-11, 04:10 PM
hmmm, any damage to the block it's self?

04-21-11, 08:12 PM
the lifters look like they are getting used to the bores, but the cam surfaces look almost untouched. The "oil" has very little coolant in it by volume measurement, and doesn't seem to have any metal particles that I can see.