: 1970 engine compartment hold-down clips/straps

04-18-11, 04:59 AM
Does anyone know where to get these? They are plastic clips/straps about an inch long that are used for holding down electrical harnesses, and also on top of the radiator for holding down the overflow hose. They have a round head with two small slots in the top, I would guess for allowing them to be removed. They are the type of things where the top plastic piece snaps into the bottom piece to cause it to anchor into the hole, sort of like some types of drywall anchors. I have been completely unable to figure out how to save them, every time I try to remove one, I destroy it. Any help in finding these is greatly appreciated.

04-25-11, 08:05 AM
USA Parts supply. They aren't cheap.

04-25-11, 05:23 PM
Cool, thanks. I'll check it out.