: Got V'd

04-17-11, 12:28 AM
Guys, I got a 2010 CTS V with 6K miles on it.
ultraview sunroof

I came from a 335i coupe and god I am so shocked (in a good way!) from this american car.

It is a pleasure to drive, and simply astounding; it has surpassed my expectations in all ways, except that I have no ****ing clue how to work the bluetooth. I could not feel that this car weighed 4000+ lbs... and you know what, it's just amazing in the corners.

I got some photos of it getting unloaded and will get a few more later.

04-17-11, 12:52 AM
Congrats and enjoy. Nice color BTW!

04-17-11, 06:14 AM
:thumbsup: nice ride...

04-17-11, 07:12 AM
Thanks guys! I just realized there is a thread for delivered Vs so mods can delete this of the feel so inclined :)

04-17-11, 10:03 AM
congrats!! i came from a 135i coupe and felt the same way.

04-17-11, 11:01 AM
Nice! I just got V'd on Thursday. Had to go out of town on Friday. :eek:

Can't wait to get back and drive the beast!

04-17-11, 12:24 PM
Have you tried reading the owner's manual? It explains in detail how to setup and use Bluetooth. Keep in mind that all Bluetooth devices are not supported.

04-17-11, 09:26 PM
I had VD once, was hell until the penecillin cleared it up....... Oh sorry........Nice car!!!

04-17-11, 09:50 PM
This site also explains