: Vapor Canister Filter

04-15-11, 10:58 PM
For anyone that has seen my recent posts my car was running rough. I had a bad cat so replaced it with a magnaflow direct fit. The car ran a lot better and the exhaust sounds great but there was still a rough, miss, stumble, poor mpgs. I just took my time to check all the vaccum lines and elbows and connections. Replaced 1 elbow, switched one that fit better in a different location and buttoned everything up. The elbow going to the egr was to loose and also did the "tap the top of the egr valve" trick. The car runs amazing, great power/acceleration and idle is great with no engine shake.

Now the vapor canister...they sell a round 4 inch filter, but when I removed the canister I see no way to change a filter. What gives?

Also there is a capped air line coming off the top of the canister that is labeled "air" which seems like it should have a hose. It is capped with a black plastic cylinder that definitely looks oe. Should there be a hose connected?

Thanks for all the help recently I would have given up without you.

04-16-11, 12:40 AM
The vapor canister is filled with charcoal. There is a serviceable filter for the air inlet, on my 85 it's kind of like a white scotch brite pad. IIRC the filter is on the bottom of the canister, and just slides into position. When you find it you'll see that it's not really a significant piece, and the only purpose is to keep junk like bird feathers from blocking the inlet.

Your FSM should have line drawings for inlets and outlets