: anyone get an email from cadillac offering free oil changes for 2 years on 09 models?

04-15-11, 06:34 PM
Got one about six months ago. Called cadillac to verify and they said yes, all i had to do was have dealer pull vin. computer crashed since then, lost email, got oil change, and they have never heard of it.

any help would be appreciated.


04-15-11, 06:57 PM
Not sure about the 09's but oil changes and tire rotation is free on my 2011 for 4 years.

Gary Wells
04-15-11, 07:00 PM
I have never heard of it, and I bought an '09 brand new. Sure that it wasn't a dealer specific incentive?

04-15-11, 07:02 PM
What Gary said. I also bought an 09V new.

04-15-11, 07:09 PM
I bought a 2009 CTS-V new and have never been offered anything similar to what you describe.

04-15-11, 07:27 PM
no it was an email from cadillac. free maintainence for two years. i called them to verify it. maybe it was a mistake on their part. unfortunately my comp crashed and the email is gone. dont know if it was due to the fact i owned a v1 as well. i dont know. bought mine from scott at superior brand new. but it was a cadillac program. oh well dealer offerred to pay for it but i didnt want to come off as if i was misleading them.


04-15-11, 08:38 PM
I just bought a '11 coupe and have an '09 sedan. The dealer told me its free on the '11, but not the '09. The person you got it from probably just made a mistake and was thinking it was an '11. Cecil........

04-15-11, 09:25 PM
What good are free rotations on the V?

04-15-11, 11:28 PM
There IS such a program for 2009 and 2010 cars, I have an email from August 2010, and I was also sent a card. It is a complimentary maintenance program that lasts until August 2011 for four services. It is VIN-specific as my VIN is mentioned in my email. I suspect I got this because the dealer I purchased at (Superior) is no longer a Cadillac dealer.

Here's the text of the email:

Dear neuronbob,

In our ongoing commitment to provide world-class vehicle care, we are consolidating our dealer service network to those facilities that meet our highest standards. Please allow us to assist you in your search for a new Cadillac dealer.

And because you're a valued Cadillac customer, please find the enclosed Complimentary Maintenance Certificate, redeemable for up to four service visits.(2) Dedicated experts are ready to honor your warranty and help take care of your maintenance needs.

Thank you again for being a valued member of our Cadillac family. As always, if you need assistance of any kind, please call 800.505.6070.

Don Butler
Vice President - Marketing

PS: Tell us, how did it go? We'd love to hear about your first experience with your new Cadillac Dealer using your Complimentary Maintenance Certificate. Visit us online at cadillaccustomercare.com/experience or call 800.505.6070.

and there's a space below with four service dates and my VIN.

04-16-11, 12:08 AM
thank u bob. i knew i wasnt the only one to get this email.. god dam computer crashed and took all email with it.


04-16-11, 06:15 AM
Hey burd, just call Cadi service and ask them to send you the card. It's VIN-specific, so they should have no trouble confirming that they sent you an email.

04-16-11, 06:50 AM
What good are free rotations on the V?

It's so they can accidentally switch the front and rear tires and watch you drive your car out into traffic as you hear the rims rip apart your rotors and/or brake calipers. Cool, huh? And it's FREE!!!


04-16-11, 07:04 AM
Mine is for 1 year or 4 oil changes.

04-16-11, 10:04 AM
It's so they can accidentally switch the front and rear tires and watch you drive your car out into traffic as you hear the rims rip apart your rotors and/or brake calipers. Cool, huh? And it's FREE!!!


Did that really happen to you?

04-16-11, 11:54 AM
yep got 5 free changes

04-16-11, 10:37 PM
i want free oil changes.

04-16-11, 10:40 PM
I get free scheduled maintenance for 4 years or 80,000 km's. I think it's all dependant on location as all cadillac vehicles in Canada have this. At least from 2009 and up.

04-17-11, 12:12 AM
called cadillac today. its all taken care of. thanks for the help


04-17-11, 06:37 AM
Did that really happen to you?

No. But it's happened to at least one forum member here, maybe even two. No kidding.