: 2007+ Escalade Rear Radio Control Bezel removal

04-15-11, 02:46 PM
I cannot figure out how to remove the bezel at the back of the center console (surrounds rear radio/heater controls). I am trying to replace the a/v inputs because they broke and I cannot get that bezel off. I am ready to break it off and buy another bezel.

Anyone with pics that would be awesome.

04-15-11, 05:34 PM
There should be a thread on this as someone was looking for the same info not too long ago. There were a couple diagrams showing where the clips were and which way to unclip them.

12-07-11, 04:48 AM
hey just wondering if you found out how to remove rear bezel? as i am trying to do the same and not sure if bezel is sold seperately?