: CPS vs. NSS

04-14-11, 04:39 PM

Can someone please tell me if a cps - crankshaft position switch is the same thing
as a nss - neutral safety switch?

If the answer is yes...will replacing this turn my flashing S off?

04-15-11, 04:53 PM
CPS Sensor will prevent the car from starting, The engine will turn over but not start because the ECM would not know where the crank is related to cyl. 1 to start the engine. The NSS is located on the left side/drivers side of the transmission where the shift linkage goes into the tranny. Two totally different parts, the CPS is a sensor and the NSS is an actual mechanism/switch with a big fat wire harness. You can pick up the NSS from autozone for $105 with a lifetime warranty. Most of the time the NSS will fix the flashing S light. It did for me at least. :)