: Screw this i Quit ....

10-07-04, 10:36 PM
Yup , 13 hours so far no ciggarette , and im feelin fine so far only had 5 peices of that niccotine gum eating half a peice every hour in place of the ciggarette ....

I feel much more determined this time , after 3 weeks of looseing sleep due to the fear of getting cancer from something i can prevent i decided to give it up . Then a girl commenting on how i smelled like a ash tray sealed the deal , if i cant stand a girl that smokes then i beatter not smoke .......

I placed my last 4 corona beers in the fridge if i make sunday then i drink them ......Still decideing on weather or not to give up alcohol too .....

One thing is for sure , they will never take my mountian dew !!!!!

How you been doing elvis ?

10-07-04, 10:42 PM
keep it up, you'll make it....i wouldnt be so quick to give up on the beer yet, that just seems wrong

10-07-04, 10:51 PM
cool deal stoney...keep away from the cancer sticks. the beer however...:drinker ...one step at a time.

Dead Sled
10-07-04, 10:55 PM
keep it up, you'll make it....i wouldnt be so quick to give up on the beer yet, that just seems wrong

the only way to give up beer is if ther is no more left... anywhere :drinker

10-07-04, 11:03 PM
thanks guys , i have a feeling beer may be my vice of choice still for many years to come ...

That and jeager , it brings me good luck .....HONESTLY

10-07-04, 11:13 PM
Yeah but beer gives you that beer belly. My dad stoped drinking his beer a day for about a month and it was almost creepy how his gut almost disapeered. Good Idea on quiting smoking, I could tell you a very sad story about my grandmother but I will save that in case you get really desperate for another reason. Lets just say if you don't get Cancer you're gona get a lot of blood clots.

best of luck! :thumbsup: :coolgleam

people who smell like ash trays are not to appealing(dont take offense to that :halo: )

10-07-04, 11:14 PM
jeager! (sound a cat makes coughing up a hairball) *gag*

10-07-04, 11:17 PM
whats Jeager?

asking that probably makes me nieve :halo:

10-07-04, 11:26 PM
german liquor , kinda tastes like black likrish (sp?)

only good when kept at 32 degrees f

Dead Sled
10-07-04, 11:31 PM
You do NOT drink Jaegermeister to get drunk. It's an after-dinner drink to help settle the stomach if you've over-done it with the eating.

Jaeger is German for hunter of course. The bottle has that pic of a stag or something like that. For casual drinking, Jaegermeister is referred to as "Hoernerwhisky" (no Umlauts, sorry), which is roughly translated as "Antler whiskey". Just in case anyone cares.

Tastes like Black Licorice

But some of my favorite jager drinks:

Red Bull and Jaeger = Jaeger bomb

A "Thirtd Riech"

1 Part Jaegermeister
1 part Rumpleminz
1 part Goldschlager

Repeat as needed

Liquid Cocaine:


In a glass with ice, mix equal parts jaeger, rumple, and 151. Shake and pour into shotglasses, and do the shot.

Repeat until you find yourself clinging to the grass in an effort to not fall off the earth.

10-07-04, 11:35 PM
dude , liquid cocaine put me out of commision for a week , i have never been more sick in my life , i honestly thought i was going to die ....

coarse i did about 6 shots of it ..kept thinking it was weak or something ...just took a few minutes to catch me ....

10-08-04, 12:51 AM
So what's Rumpleminz? Liquid cocaine eh... a bit of an ironic name since coke kinda sobers you up.

10-08-04, 01:57 AM
I quit smoking about 15 years ago. It ain't easy but you can do it.
Keep telling yourself smoking isn't for you.

barge master
10-08-04, 06:39 AM
Good for you Stoney,I hope you're successful. Take it from me, stop now while you're young. I've been on and off with them for 25 years. When I was your age I could just turn them off like a switch when I got sick of them. Now, I'm sick of them for real and it's hard to convince myself I'm ready to part ways with them.
It's scary,the effects of them have become undeniable,and I've done without them for as long as 2 years,yet I just keep on doing it. I knocked off the booze 12 years ago and never looked back, but it's so easy to just keep on smoking. I think I always pictured myself like Frank Sinatra or something,drinking and smoking like crazy and still living to an old age. He may have dodged the bullet,but I don't think I'll be so lucky. :tisk:

10-08-04, 08:26 AM
good for you stoney. i lost two grandparents to smoking. keep it up.

as for the Jeager, that stuff is good, but it burns going down and going back up.

10-09-04, 02:59 AM
Jaeger is disgusting, I hate licorice(sp?) and it sits on my stomach like a pile of rocks, Yuck!

10-09-04, 06:53 PM

Chew the gum until it makes you sick. Then wait 30 minutes and chew some more.

Take deep breaths. Exercise. We're here if you need us!

Hang on! It's worth it!

(I'm past day #100, no chance I'll ever go back, either.)

10-09-04, 06:57 PM
Ya keep up the good work bro.. I havent smoked in 2 years of the sticky icky or the cigs.. Also been SOBER for 1 year and 8 MONTHS.... :want:

10-09-04, 07:02 PM
hehe sticky icky.....

10-09-04, 07:16 PM

Chew the gum until it makes you sick. Then wait 30 minutes and chew some more.

Take deep breaths. Exercise. We're here if you need us!

Hang on! It's worth it!

(I'm past day #100, no chance I'll ever go back, either.)

never thought of that strategy , had a small setback(@23 hours) but i should be back to speed sunday night ...

I had one of the worst days in recent memory late friday , im ok and so is the car but im not sure if ill ever go back to work at my present job, im even supposed to be there monday morning to pickup an award.The Depression label doesnt even do what i felt justice...Some freinds you just cant trust ...Or figure out

Good thing is i am in stage one of a major rehaul of my life . With a new job coming in a few weeks as the county works out legal issues to allow me to work more closely with veterans and fighting for there rights . One time i quit smoking for 8 months when i changed jobs , i find it easier when my life changes to quit .... Its when things get bad is when i get weak ....

After a day at the hotrod show , mowing the lawn and working/rideing on my bike i feel great(mentally) and im already ready to quit again .....

10-09-04, 09:05 PM
Another thing that works is drinking a lot of water. The muscles used when swallowing are similar to those stimulated when you take a hit off of a cigarette.

Good luck.

10-09-04, 10:32 PM
one thing that can draw you back into smoking is the habit of putting that cigarette in your mouth. get a whole bunch of those candy cigs or a pen and whenever you get that craving have a glass of water and put a pen in your mouth.

10-09-04, 11:50 PM
Take a bic pen, and take off the caps and when you feel the need to puff on that smoke, you breathe through the straw.

10-10-04, 01:47 AM
damn.. next month i turn 21... i never touched a cigg in my life... but i quit smoking christmas day 2000... then i stopped drinking about 2 months after that, i was only about 17 at the time... i only drink on xmas, and new year and sometimes for ppl's b'day parties... lol i dont even consider my b'day.. to me it hardly exists

10-10-04, 03:34 PM
Keep it up. IT'S TOUGH, but not impossible. I quit again, 1-1-03. I chew nicorette constantly. I really don't save any money, but I do save my lungs. Also, quit drinking 14 years ago... Hang in there.