: Please I beg of you...HELP! I'm drowning....

04-14-11, 09:53 AM
Any help would be appreciated. I would be most grateful! However, I am here looking for REAL help. So please don't post telling me to get rid of my vehicle, Catera's stink, etc. I am here to find out the answer to my problems so we can fix our car. We are not getting rid of my car. Just repairing it :D

Ok. Here is what's happening...Anyone who can offer any kind of advice as to what parts YOU replaced that FIXED the same problem. Thank you in advance! :)

ABS light on dash. solid. stays on.
TC light on dash. solid. stays on.
CHECK ENGINE light on dash. solid stays on.
S light on dash. flashing.

Now the other lights just stay on. The S light is different though. The S light flashes but only after 30 seconds when I put the car in drive. I shift into drive and then after the S flashes I can drive normal. But I can't drive until the S starts flashing.

Anyone? Please help. I'm desperate here. I can't get an inspection sticker until these lights are off and it's 6 months over due. Recently received a written warning. Need to get my car repaired anyway but immediately so I can get this rediculous sticker :banghead:

04-14-11, 10:29 AM
You will need to get the codes pulled from the computer to start the diagnosis... some auto parts stores will pull them for you for free

once you have the codes you can go to here: http://myweb.accessus.net/~090/dtcobd2.html#gmd
get the definitions to the codes there and come back and post what they are

then we can start helping you figure this out

04-14-11, 10:45 AM
First thank you so much for answering this thread.
Here is the information you asked for.
These are all the codes showing.
Fyi: i've had this to 2 garages already and they can't figure out what's wrong. Boo!

U2108 - CAN Bus Error ABS & Lost Comm with ABS Control System
P0705 - Trans Range Switch Circuit
P1700 - Transmission Control Module (TCM) Requested MIL Illumination
P0500 - Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Circuit
P0411 - Secondary Air Injection (AIR) System
P0450 - Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Circuit

P1700 - TCM is NOT illuminated on my dash.
I read here on 2 different threads...One person replaced transmission pans, flushed system, refilled, replaced gaskets and said his car has been running fine for 5k miles and he has 185,000 miles on his car. Another person said they replace cps sensor and all the lights went off
and never came on again. That's why we are confused as to where to start. About a month ago we did replace the cps sensor twice with new ones but both parts were defective from autozone and we haven't tried another one since.

Looking forward to your reply. Thank you so much. Blessed!

04-14-11, 10:46 AM
Also I should add I have a leak under my car and I'm thinking it's a transmission leak.
The color is orange or red it looks like so I wouldn't be surprised if it's a transmission leak anyway.
Could this cause the lights to go on?

04-14-11, 10:56 AM
I should also note...over a year ago i was told that i needed rotors and pads.
We replaced the pads. We were going to replace the rotors, but after receiving rotors that didn't fit twice from a parts store, and
since the pads themselves did the trick, brakes worked great, we never replaced the rotors. I'm wondering if this
would cause the abs, tc lights to illuminate as well. I'm hesitant to go replacing all the sensors if they are working and it's
simply bc we need to make repairs, then maybe they will go off.

Still stumped about that S flashing though. The problem started there....shortly after the check engine went on....much later,
the abs and tc came on.

04-14-11, 10:58 AM
Sorry...just one more peice of information you may be interested in knowing....The Cadillac Dealership near us actually told us
that they would NOT work on our car bc they can't order all new parts for this car and they won't do repairs with any parts
that aren't new and also bc they don't make this car anymore. Bogus huh?

04-14-11, 11:00 AM
And all those codes are current?

04-14-11, 11:00 AM
Oh gosh. One more post...the speedo isn't working either. It stays at zero. Here is another thing that happens. I don't drive long distances with this vehicle...but on days I have, the tc and abs actually turn OFF and the speedo starts working again. Odd.

04-14-11, 11:01 AM
YES. All the codes were taken just yesterday. They are current. Thank you for your help!

04-14-11, 11:01 AM
Dexcool (the engine coolant) is orange
ATF (trans fluid) is red

it would help to make sure what color that fluid you're leaking actually is

04-14-11, 11:02 AM
Yes sir. They are all current as of yesterday. This is the list I was given. Thank you :)

04-14-11, 11:03 AM
Honestly.....I think it's both of them. I was thinking...should I find a towel or sheet and put it under my car. Wait for the drips...look at the color and then come back and post it here?

04-14-11, 11:04 AM
I just called the garage I got my last oil change done at and asked them if there was any notes on my vehicle.
They said just one note. Check engine light on. But that was all.

04-14-11, 11:07 AM
I should note that atleast once a week I have to fill my coolant level up to the max line with DEXCOOL. It is always half gone atleast once a week.

04-14-11, 11:12 AM
Once in a while...not always...there will be light smoke coming out from the right side of my hood. That is where the coolant container is located also. I asked a garage about it and they told me that something was leaking onto other components and thats why it was smoking. But no more information than that.

04-14-11, 11:18 AM
Well ide say clearly u have a coolant leak check your oil make sure u don't have any coolant mixed if leaking in the back of the engine could be a hcv heater control valve start there

04-14-11, 11:20 AM
I was told this by prize winning mechanic: Live with it, it's all ABS problems, and that's a fail safe system. You now have normal, non ABS brakes. The problem in them is expensive to fix in any german car, which is what you have. I have customers with them driving them that way for years.

I could live with it if it weren't for the INSPECTION STICKER. How the heck do I get one if my check engine light is on bc of these things?

04-14-11, 11:32 AM
My heater and a/c don't work correctly.
Always have to turn it off bc it smells.

04-14-11, 11:34 AM
When I get an oil change with castrol syntec they never tell me anything is mixed with it.
How do I determine that?

04-14-11, 11:53 AM
Is the only reason I'm not passing inspection bc my CHECK ENGINE LIGHT is on?
If so...is there anyway to disconnect it, get an inspection, hook it back up?
Something like that. I have time to fix my car. I don't have time for an inspection sticker.
It was due 6 months ago.


04-14-11, 11:54 AM
First, if you're filling the coolant tank full to the top you're over filling it... and it's getting pushed out the overflow when it pressurizes and expands

Second, you can try and see if the abs module is causing all of this by disconnecting it and starting up the car and seeing if that makes any difference

without being able to scan your own codes this will be tough

and regarding the P1700 you say there's no TCM light on? that's because there is no such thing - it's requesting the MIL (malfunction indicatior lamp aka check engine light)

04-14-11, 11:56 AM
Look up heater control valve its on the back of the engine with 2 hoses connected on the left and one on the right its a fairly simple fix use a flashlight and see if u notice any leaks I replaced mine and heater works perfect before no air would come out

04-14-11, 12:00 PM
No no. I'm not filling it to the top. I'm filling it to the MAX line. And never further. That's all.

Oh ok. So disconnect the abs module. Start car. If the lights are off then I know it's that?
We CAN scan our own codes. I have a code reader that cost about $300. It's a descent one. Also I have a garage that comes up
with the same codes as us. I don't know if their big machine is different but it says nothing more than our own.

Oh I see. Thank you so much for letting me know about the TCM light. I'm a woman. What do you want? Lol :) Ok. So that code means the check engine light is on. Yes it is and it stays on. We've reset it but it doesn't stay off long enough to get through an inspection. They hook me up to that emissions machine.

My husband is off this weekend. I will have him disconnect the abs Saturday.

Now what will happen when he disconnects it?
When you say see if this makes a difference....what do you mean by that?
What should we look for...what will happen?
Are you saying if it works normal and the lights go out then I know I need this part?

04-14-11, 12:02 PM
Ok. Thank you so much. Will try that as well! :)

04-14-11, 12:03 PM
I live in area code 76227. Aubrey TX. Who can help me out with an inspection sticker?

04-14-11, 12:16 PM
How exactly do you disconnect the abs module?
Where is it located? :suspense:

04-14-11, 12:18 PM
What really drives me crazy about this whole inspection situation is that my car runs like a top if it weren't for these lights illuminating.
This is what is keeping me from failing inspections only. I've had it done 2ce and they keep asking me if the check engine is on. Which
it is and then tell me i failed. I guess there is no way to pass if that is on, correct? But the other lights don't matter? Only that one?

I see vehicles on the road blowing out gross black smoke. My car is pretty clean and drives nice and I can't get a sticker?
What is that about?

04-14-11, 12:21 PM
Please help me! Please.....

04-14-11, 12:26 PM
Does anyone out there know how I can live with this, as told by the master mechanic and still get my inspection sticker? 76227.

04-14-11, 12:27 PM
The abs module is usually on the driver's side of the engine bay

the brake lines should all route to the valve block that would be mounted to the abs module
(the valve block + the module are commonly called the EBTCM - electronic brake and traction control module)
there should be a connector with a bunch of wires going to the module
i'm not exactly sure how to get at it or if you need to remove anything to get to it but i think it should be accessible
just disconnect the module and start the car to see if any of the codes have gone away or changed to other codes

from what i see about the U2108 code it appears that if it shows up without any other abs codes then the module is bad
(i'm not a mechanic, just a parts guy but that seems to be what the service manual is saying)

all the other codes might be related to this communication error with that module

as for inspection...
there is no way to pass the inspection without fixing the problems and getting the light to stay off
if you disable the light you will fail the inspection immediately
it's the first thing they are supposed to look for
(the light is supposed to illuminate for a second or two when the ignition is turned on under normal conditions)
the DMV here will often send a car into a shop that has had the MIL bulb removed as a sort of sting operation
the car has nothing wrong with it so it inspects fine, but if the technician doesn't notice that the lamp has been disabled they shop gets fined

04-14-11, 12:33 PM
Thank you so much for the instructions on repair.

As for the inspection sticker...I know what you are saying.
The master mechanic that told me to live with it...I just don't understand
how you get around the sticker then if you live with it. He said people have
driven that way for years. I don't know how bc how could they get a sticker then?

Which makes me question....is the check engine on for some other reason? If these people he knows drive with it for years that way....that means those were on but the check engine light was not. Right?

So would that then mean that the check engine is on for some other reason?

04-14-11, 12:36 PM
Is an ABS MODULE the same as an ABS SENSOR? Or are they dif. parts?

04-14-11, 12:47 PM
Was just emailed by the master mechanic this: Maybe it will help someone else.....

It could be, the S flashing is related to that too. don't know where you are, but ABS braking problems do not cause inspection failure here in Texas as it's seen as an add on system. So the ABS light on does not make it fail.

He is looking at my trouble codes now. So I'll post what he says once I hear back from him.

Thanks everyone!

04-14-11, 01:03 PM
Let me ask you this...

Can you EVER pass an inspection if the check engine is illuminated?
I'm asking bc I had a friend who told me hers passed with smoke coming
out from under her hood and her check engine was on.

This is why i wonder what I have to do to get it to pass.
Do I have to get the check engine to go off to pass at all?

Also the master mechanic told me that abs will not make it fail.
So why would the check engine be on then?
It never came on until the S light started flashing which is sports mode.

??? Any idea

04-14-11, 01:12 PM
Anyone have any idea how much a ticket is for a expired inspection sticker in Texas?

04-14-11, 01:25 PM
the P codes will make the check engine light come on... if you don't have any P codes then in theory you should pass

however, if the light is turned on by another code (that's not a P code) then you also might not pass -- that's a grey area and i'm not quite sure

you basically have all P codes so the light should be on

and by the way, your 'master mechanic' doesn't sound like one - either that or he isn't really looking very hard into this for you
this type of problem is the kind of thing that a master mechanic is supposed to be able to fix
it's a tough problem and not just a straight forward replacement of a part (at least not yet)

04-14-11, 01:31 PM

04-14-11, 01:32 PM
So basically then.....i've got to replace whatever part it is to turn the p codes off to get the check engine light off. Correct? That would be abs then. Atleast we are narrowing it down as to where to start here. Right?

04-14-11, 01:36 PM
Is a sensor and a module the same thing?
I'm looking for an abs part then to take care of these p codes, hopefully, and i see sensor not module. Are they two different things?

04-14-11, 01:46 PM
Wow. Replacing the EBTCM costs min this on ebay: 99-01 CADILLAC CATERA BRAKE CONTROL MODULE EBTCM 3305 $1000k bucks. That's just the part. Wowza.

Wondering if the $100 sensor may do the trick instead of replacing this.....ugh.

04-14-11, 02:03 PM
I have P codes that pertain to the abs system.
The master mechanic says you do not fail inspection bc of abs bc it is an add on system.


Are you saying...add on or not...its showing p codes thus failing? Most likely?

04-14-11, 02:06 PM

Here is another part. I think we must start with the abs light and replace parts to get that off.
Thus maybe the check engine will go off.

However, i am confused with all these parts. There seems to be so many just for that one thing.
Anyone know?

04-14-11, 02:29 PM
Ok I didnt not read all the replies. but sounds like ebtcm It needs to be removed, and rebuilt. I jsut posted yesterday the link. look threw the last few threads you will see what you need to knw.

04-14-11, 02:53 PM
I don't and can't find the info :( Where would someone have it rebuilt? And is that cheaper than replaced? Im still not sure about the part. Someone said the module and the ebtcm were the same but when i search it on ebay it looks like two dif. parts.

Any help? Thank you.

04-14-11, 02:53 PM
how do i find the link?

04-14-11, 03:52 PM
the sensor and the module are definitely two different things!

The sensors are typically part of the wheel hubs while the EBTCM is a module that controls the pump valve that modulates the brakes when a skid is detected and abs is engaged

the pump valve and the module are basically one single part (two halves that bolt together)

04-14-11, 04:15 PM
Thank you. That is what I thought. Thanks for confirming. :D

You know what. I'm going to pull that part...if it does NOT turn off the S light Ill know I need a part for that. But just what part would that be? If that happens. I will know the S flashing is not related to that. And I don't think it is simply bc my S flashed for a long long time bf those two lights ever came on.

What is to be replaced for a flashing S?

04-14-11, 04:18 PM
Try reading these threads
i'm pretty sure it's related to the EBTCM

04-14-11, 04:23 PM
and I checked out scotty's website and it seems like he is a genuine guy and if you trust him then that's really what matters

the main problem is that this car is very different than most other cars
it's basically an american version of the opel omega (opel is GM's main european brand)
but that means that lots of the systems are different than most mechanics will be used to (abs for instance)

04-14-11, 06:26 PM
I have actually read about the ebtcm...and that's a possibility too.
I'm still rearing toward the neutral safety switch though and this is why...

In addition to my S flashing...the other thing that goes on is that every single
light on my shifter lights up. It's not gear specific like it should be. Now that being said here is what we did in our initial search for the problem. Keep in mind...the abs and tc were NOT on at this time we were trying to repair the S light only.

Basically my car worked fine.
I never use the S sport mode button ever.
Once I did turn it on once is when the S started flashing.
So obviously there is something wrong with that button.
Also after that when I shift from P R D 3 2 1...all lights illuminate on the shifter.
Not just the gear it's in.

So my dilemma now is that I think it may STILL be the neutral safety switch but I'm wondering if there is any part on the shifter itself that needs to be fixed and not the nss at all.

I have read threads that said to clean it out and we did not do that. What in the world do you clean it with?

Also what we did was this: twice i purchased a neutral safety switch from autozone. but neither of them worked. there was something wrong with them. Now don't get me wrong. I don't mean the problem of the car...I mean the part itself. How do I know this? Because once the new one was installed...the S went off....the lights on the shifter DID illuminate in ONLY the position they were in.....the reason I knew it was their part malfunctioning? Bc once the new one was installed the S dissappeared. The lights on the shifter ONLY illuminated the proper spot. However, I could ONLY shift from Park to Reverse. It would not go into D, 3, 2, or 1.

What we did? We pulled both new ones out. Put the old one back in and the S started flashing again. But you know what? I could drive it and it has been reliable. My biggest problem here is without fixing that to turn the check engine off....I can't get an inspection sticker.

So....what do you think of that? :bonkers:

04-14-11, 06:27 PM
Could the problem be my shifter itself...not the neutral switch? And if so...what part of the shifter would be needed?

04-14-11, 09:16 PM
Sorry...just one more peice of information you may be interested in knowing....The Cadillac Dealership near us actually told us
that they would NOT work on our car bc they can't order all new parts for this car and they won't do repairs with any parts
that aren't new and also bc they don't make this car anymore. Bogus huh?

sounds about right

04-15-11, 04:33 PM
What year is your car and how many miles are on it?

U2108 - CAN Bus Error ABS & Lost Comm with ABS Control System
P0500 - Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Circuit
Fix : Repair/Replace EBTCM

P0705 - Trans Range Switch Circuit
P1700 - Transmission Control Module (TCM) Requested MIL Illumination
Fix : Replace Neutral Safety Switch/PRNDL Circuit located on left side of transmission

P0411 - Secondary Air Injection (AIR) System
Fix : Verify that AIR Pump is functioning. Verify that by-pass valve for AIR pump is operating and holding 15 inches of vacuum without leaking, Verify proper vacuum source to by-pass valve solenoid. Verify that by-pass solenoid is working when the AIR pump is on, If all those check out ok and the P0411 code still shows up, replace all 4 O2 Sensors. That was my problem and it was the only fix.

P0450 - Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Circuit
Could be anything from a loose gas cap, Faulty EVAP Purge Valve, bent or cracked EVAP line. A smoke test would check for any cracked or broken EVAP lines. Or the gas cap itself is leaking air, It is vented internally just so you know.

That's all I can think of for now. Good luck

04-15-11, 04:49 PM
great response Titan!

04-27-11, 04:40 PM
I purchased a Bosch 5.3 Repair of ebay. The guy is very professional, and garauntees his work on the ABS module. I paid $100 - and it took about 4 hours to replace last saturday. I think this guy is the owner of cheap-abs.com his name is Matt. He was very good about educating me about all this ABS stuff. I found this forum 2 weeks ago, gave some of the ABS suggestions a try and POOF! Good to GO! I have a few minor things to update like the check engine light but other than that my car is great!


05-25-11, 12:05 PM
I couldn't find this post....my old post when I first came on.
So I posted a * NEW * thread. Here is the link:


From here you can see our repairs thus far...what it fixed...and our continued problems. Ty.