: 2000 Eldo front cam cover gasket replacement

04-13-11, 07:48 PM
Does anyone have a detailed procedure on the steps to change the front valve cover gasket on the N* (closest to firewall), what has to be dropped , removed drained etc, pictures would be greatly appreciated also.

Thanks folks.

I know there are post about this but havent found a post that goes into depth of the procedure.

Thank you in advance

04-14-11, 07:55 AM
The rear cam cover (right side of the engine in a transverse mount, therefore closest to the firewall) is the toughest. The engine needs to be rocked forward with a come-along and the cradle dropped slightly.

Your best bet, for a detailed procedure, is the GM/Helm Service manual. www.helminc.com or ebay. For instant gratification, but computer work, take a look at www.alldatadiy.com.