: 2008 STS opinion

04-13-11, 11:09 AM
V6 Engine. After own several import cars( BMW, Infinity, MB's) i'm giving the opportunity to the local manufactures to impress me about this particular product, first impression positive beside a small electrical problem with the rears locks that was resolve by the warranty, reading the threads on this forum I feel kind a worried about the building quality on this vehicles, I love the car don't take me wrong I just want to know if I made the right decision, please give your ideas and comments over all about this particular model, how long this engines last? as well transmissions? is something electrical talking that I should be worried about it?

04-13-11, 11:15 AM
Is it a V6 or V8?

04-13-11, 11:21 AM
its a V6

04-13-11, 11:49 AM
I thought you would say that. Sorry my experience is with the NorthStar V8's dating back to 1999. Others will chime in later in the day after they get home from work. I don't know of chronic electrical issues, however with the exception of the front door issues. If your GM warranty is expired, a good extended warranty may be a good idea. I assume your car has lower miles being a 2008.

04-13-11, 01:22 PM
Well Manny, since you asked I assume you want to hear a few stories. Here is mine. Don't get me wrong, I love this car, it's a Goldmist STS with the DI V6 engine, it was a former Avis Executive lease vehicle, it has the additional 1 SB luxury package, sun roof, rain sense wipers, parking assist alarm and so forth. When I bought it, it had a clear/no problems CarFax report. I don't have the total car history in front of me but so far, about 52,000 miles it has had the remote door locks replaced twice, one emblem/nameplate replaced, one unknown piece of molding replaced, Glove box door latch replaced, one electrical problem that the dealer couldn't replicate, front left wheel bearing and hub assembly replaced, tire TPMS reprogrammed (recall) upper engine teardown to correct excessive camshaft end play, and right now I have a letter from Cadillac telling me to take it in to the dealer to have the oil change indicator reprogrammed due to possible excessive timing chain wear. This is called a Customer Satisfaction Program letter on all 2008 Cadillac V6 engines. They don't do recalls anymore I guess. Now for CarFax, don't trust them, this car had obviously been wrecked at one time or another as evidenced by the windshield and driver's door window being replaced with other than a GM part, and a slight ding in the left side verticle panel between the front and rear windows. The paint had overspray on the roof and most of the rest of the vehicle from a repaint, it was most obvious underneath the left side door handles. A good Mothers clay bar job took care of all that, and easily too I might add. The instrument cluster and the center console lower plastic piece have dust inside them as did the sun roof rails and slides. My guess is it might have been stolen and wrecked or taken for a joy ride in the desert at some point. Even with all that I still really enjoy driving it, I am amazed at the power that little V6 puts out, it really slams that 5000 pounds around like a much smaller sports car. Turning and cornering is outstanding for a car that heavy. Last October the wife an I took it on a 5104 mile trip and on the flatlands east of Denver, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma and Missouri I averaged 31mpg measured at the pump, the onboard computer said 28.9 ave. I burned about 1 1/2 quarts of oil total for the trip. I usually get right at 28mpg on the average. I've replaced the engine air filter with a K&N and it seems to run a little better with that and might give me some small fuel benefit.
My biggest disappointment with it is the local dealer, they are idiots. I have directional tires on it, on the first rotation I told the shop manager to make sure they were rotated front to rear and not criss cross. Sure as hell they rotated them crosswise and had two on them on backwards. I asked the about their Mr Goodwrench $29.95 oil change and 27 point inspection, they assured me they used only GM synthetic oil. Ok, since it says to use only Mobil 1 5/30 in the owners manual and on the oil filler cap I figure they got it under control. Nope, not these guys, they put in some kind of bulk synthetic blend 10/30 oil. WalMart does my oil changes now. When the check engine light came on just before my cross country trip I took it in and the error code showed the camshaft problem. The shop manager told me no sweat we have the instructions on how to correct it, GM sent them to me awhile back. Great lets do it, made an appointment, took it in early in the morning, got a loaner and went shopping. Well it seems that the shop manager got the repair bulletin (# 08-06-01-011H) but never read it to see that it required a special tool that he hadn't ordered. I finally got it back just after closing that night. I've had them rotate the tires and they failed to reprogram the TPMS so they didn't report the pressure in the correct tires. The little plastic door on the rear console ashtray got broken off somehow so I took it to the parts dept to get a replacement. Now this thing is about 6" long and 1 1/4" tall and snaps into the other part with two plastic prongs that had broken off. They didn't have it but could order it and have it there by tomorrow, only $265. I looked at the guy with my mouth hanging open, he wasn't smiling, yep $265 because it was not a separate part, it was a part of an assembly that just happened to have the plastic door on it which had the lighter and other parts attached. Well, he didn't put it where I suggested he should, so now my rear console ashtray cover has two little dabs of epoxy on the back side of it. This is not honest John's shade tree fixit shop either, it is the only GM dealer in the area, one of those Cadillac/GMC/Buick/Chevrolet guys, it just happens to be run by idiots. I'd do it again though, I've owned two Porsches in the past among some other great cars and this is the only car that I like as well and enjoy driving whenever I can but it sure doesn't like snow and ice so it's in the garage with a battery maintainer on it nearly all winter. I hope your experience is somewhat less exciting than mine and if you intend to keep it do consider and extended warranty, you just might need it.

04-13-11, 03:54 PM
Oh my gosh... I really appreciate it that you share such a wonderfully experiences about this particular model, that's what I want it to hear...somebody honest regardless if they owe one of this machines, hopefully trade in my MB to gain a little bit of room is not going to be such a sad ended but in the mean tome I would seriously contemplating the idea of purchase a extended warranty, factory end 03/2012, in the worse case scenario I will trading in for a BMW 7 series, just for a piece of mind, thank you so much.

04-13-11, 10:47 PM
'Wall of Text' has obviously had issues. My wife and I have about 6 years of combined ownership with roughly 70,000 miles. Few STS will be issue-free; there is a lot that can go wrong. We've had a wheel bearing, water pump & a couple electronics issues. I've had to do brakes & tires, but that's normal maintenance.

The V6's are known to be susceptable to timing chain & oil use issues. I consider early ones under-powered. I wouldn't have one. As is so common, the Northstar is finally perfected and so is discontinued.

The purchase price of these cars fairly reflects their value; the market works. An extended warranty is likely to pay for itself. CPO is the best, GMPP next. They are a lot of car for the price; in appearance, the driving experience and luxury features.

04-14-11, 10:39 AM
well i think CPO is going to be the best way to go.... i still have one more year manufacter should i wait untill expire or get extended lets say cople months before...

04-14-11, 12:35 PM
If you can find a dealer that will sell you a CPO for reasonable cost. Remember a CPO will only extend for 6 years from in-service date or about two more years in your case. You may want to look at a GMPP which you can extend for a lot longer. Remember, once your original factory warranty expires, you can no longer get the GMPP.

04-14-11, 02:08 PM
thank you so much i will do the resaearch to see how much is going to cost me.