: Banks to No Longer Give Rewards on Card's By New Federal Law

04-13-11, 11:08 AM
Well im sure some of you know depending on what banks you are at
by them sending out information about there Debite Card reward Programs
no matter which program you have if its for points airline miles hotel miles cash rewards
no matter what its for most banks have stopped enrolling new customers in these programs as of Fe
b this year
those of us in programs will be able to earn up until July 19th and 21st at some banks this year
some of the banks who have chose or are going to choose to keep there reward programs may do so but its up to them since they would take a loose because of lesser charge back amount they can get from stores where you swip your card the banks will raise the amount of the yearly fees of both your checking accounts and reward annual fees
if this happens expect a 25 dollar annual fee for your rewards program to reach as much as 75-100 a year for the program if you choose to keep it

there is still one more final ruling that will come down on April 21st about this law if it will be able to be discarded or stay in affect

here is the link my dad emailed me

there goes 3 of my 4 banks lol


johnny kannapo
04-13-11, 11:34 AM

johnny kannapo
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04-13-11, 11:39 AM
now thats funny

now obama is also going behind his suporters backs to see about oil drilling in the u.s he knows his backers would leave him or be very upset with him if he does this so hes trying to be slick about it and do it slowly and not all at ones

he's also doing it hoping that if he is able to get it done in this year wich is going to probably be impossible that he may get reelected for doing something right

how ever this is not going to happen

not sure if id rather pay 5 dollars a gallon for fuel or realiect obama who i never voted for lol

04-13-11, 11:53 AM
I don't use a debit card, and my Chase CC still gives me points so meh :coffee:

04-13-11, 04:28 PM
im thinking when i stop getting my cash back rewards i may open a new shell account card
and i also have to decide weather im going to renew the Mariott card
i was thinking of just letting that drop and use my cash back card for everything
but after i found this out not going to happen
also closing my wells fargo account my PNC account im closing i may close my Chase checking account also
keep my Key Account cause they said they plan on keeping there rewards program but they are going to start charging 5 dollars a month instead of there 25 per year