: Glad to be here!

Nicolas Allebrodt
04-13-11, 11:03 AM
Hello everyone,
My name is Nicolas (Nic), I am originally from Germany and immigrated to the United States in March 2010. It is just great to be here and get know this beautiful country and the great people, although I do miss the Autobahn without the speed limits. As Cadillacís arenít really popular in Germany I took my chance to get to work with these incredible cars. Now I am your Internet Sales Consultant at Suburban Cadillac Ann Arbor which is part of Michiganís biggest dealership group with almost every brand from Chevy to Bugatti. But most important we sell Cadillacís!!! Suburban Cadillac Ann Arbor is the newest authorized vendor at Cadillacowners.com and we are proud to say that we offer the full line of vehicles and we specialize in getting hard to find specialty editions.
Please let me know if I can help you with anything related to buying a new or used vehicle or parts. We do sell nationwide and honor every promotion and discount you may qualify for!
I am really excited to get to know you here at cadillacowners.com, learn a lot and have tons of fun as well.

04-13-11, 11:52 AM
Here for only a year and already you have a job. Congratulations. :thumbsup:

:welcome: to cadillacforums and to the U.S.

Nicolas Allebrodt
04-13-11, 12:36 PM
It took me six months to make it through the paperwork, but it was worth it. ;)

04-13-11, 01:30 PM
Of course this was before you come across 'the pond' but ....
isn't Suburban the dealer that did the Trunk Monkey commericals? ;)


and :welcomeJimmyH:

for reference, the original Trunk Monkey commercial that the above video is referencing


Nicolas Allebrodt
04-15-11, 08:32 AM
No that's not us, but the commercial is great! They are from Oregon, we are in Michigan...
I should totally get a trunk monkey...

04-15-11, 10:28 AM
Yeah there's like 10 different 'commercials' that they did... very funny indeed

04-15-11, 01:05 PM
EDIT:..............and done by me personally after a typical CF handslap. We have to be politically correct, kids.

See y'all. it's been fun.

04-15-11, 02:13 PM

04-15-11, 02:14 PM
nope guess not, so why is it ok to say "EDIT"?

04-15-11, 02:25 PM
no, its not, so quit it.


04-15-11, 02:26 PM
6 months to do the paperwork ???? THAT's dedication. Welcome !!! :welcome:

(In Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Mexifornia you don't need no steenkin' paperwork ! Just a short swim and you're a fully insured citizen tomorrow morning - with full tenure - more than the average American or legal immigrant.)

Nic, you commit a crime and you are deported - a wetback commits a crime and gets welfare, food stamps, guaranteed housing, and Medicare, as well as Social Security.

and guess what, he had it easy because hes not from south of our border. My uncles wife and her younger brother came here legally when she was 8. By the time she was 18, she still wasnt done with her paper work. For some reason, people from south of the border end up paying 10 times as much in fees and wait much longer for citizenship than those from across "the pond". Why? whats so different about them?

04-15-11, 02:28 PM
edited for taste... mmm yummy

Nicolas Allebrodt
04-18-11, 10:38 AM
Well.. I just wanted to say hello to you all, not start a major political discussion ... ;)
I guess every country has immigration loop holes either in a fence or in some paperwork, but I like it here and I wanted to live with my wife, so I just went for the more complicated way of immigrating legally.
In case I get deported for jaywalking I can still try to sneak back in... ;)