: finaly got the trans to work in my brougham but.

04-12-11, 11:48 PM
well i installed the trans that i had rebuilt along with a new torque converter but it didn't work:hmm:.turns out the trans was a older trans with 27 spline and orielys wasn't able to get the right one there cpu says that all the 700r4 trans takes 30 spline.i got my money back went to a trans shop called lesters gear and got the right converter plus fluid and had $40 left over :bouncy:.now to the next on the to do list my windshield wiper motor and or switch:hmm:.i took the wiper motor out of my parts car put it in and it worked fine for a while but now it won't turn off i had to unplug it.this happened in the parts car too before it became a parts car so now i'm thinking the switch is bad but i'm not sure if the motor has something to do with it not tuning off.:helpless:

04-13-11, 08:38 AM
I posted not long ago the diagnostic procedure from my 87 shop manual for the "wipers won't shut off" problem.

Might be the same for the 90.

04-13-11, 08:38 PM
ok thanks I"ll look for it:D