: Newbie logging on....From New Zealand...Hi all....from down under....

04-12-11, 07:47 PM
Im in Auckland...its just about lunchtime here....lol...stumbled across the site looking for info for my 99 sls....(a recent swap i did with a 2004 vy Holden..commie.)..car seems to be runnung all tickety boo am very impressed with the build quality ....its done 135000ks am hoping to get a good 100000ks out of her ...not alot of parts around down here for the model I got so am taking a risk in many ways...but so far am resonably confident it will remain reliable...Most folks down this way that like their eightss drive commodores or falcons...Ive had a few of each over the years and by chance spotted the seville on a yard ...Initially i thought it was a Holden Statesman....(similar GM vehicle down here) but was astounded to see it was a Cadillac....(apparently some guy has imported a few right hand versions from asia recently here) This ones been in the country for over seven years and seems to be well maintained by its previous owner(I see the front suspension bushes have been replaced and wonder what else has been done steering wise as the suspension and steering are A1 )the car I got came from singapore originally and its pretty mint inside and out..(just hope it stays that way...lol) I get alot of boyracers in their skylines and subarus trying to tempt me into flooring it ...but I resist as oft as I can....(skylines and subarus are popular with the kiddies...lol)H ard to keep the car driving at the legal limit down here (50ks city...100ks motorway) especially around the city as it tends to want to do 70ks effortlessly...so ive managed to get a spare set of brake pads as I find myself doing alot of braking....I think theres about 3 other sevilles of the body type around in my city ...I expect thered be no more than a dozen all up anyways so with a bit of luck I might be able to source parts oneday.....anyways Hi .....keep the shiny side up...lol

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Welcome enjoy your stay this is a great site and youll get alot of help here.

Lord Cadillac
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Welcome aboard! And thank you for signing up!

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Welcome to the Forums! Congratulations on your purchase of your Seville. The speed limit in NZ may prevent you from enjoying the full pleasure and potential of these cars ..... they really come into their own on the higher speed interstates of the U.S., but, nevertheless, they are lovely cars and I hope you enjoy your ownership. Are there large import duties on imported car parts in New Zealand? You may have to source your parts fro the U.S.

05-17-11, 02:40 AM
Dont think there are high import parts charges here....yes not sure I will get to fully enjoy the higher rpms over here you lose your licence instantly at plus 140ks on the highway or plus 80ks city lol bonus is I probably wont have to worry to much about cooking a headgasket unless i get stuck in a peakhour jam..lol....roads arent that great for flooring it as most are not that wide and alot of corners..we do have one stretch in the North Island thats good for high speed ...the desert road it cuts thru past a couple of our volcanos and is pretty much long straights but nothing like you lot or the aussies have...weve got alot of no overtaking zones scattered up and down the highways seems like they got a good deal on road paint...lol...Hey thanks for the replies....

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Actually, for your purposes and driving conditions in N.Z. your Seville SLS is probably a better choice than the STS. Certainly ill be cheaper to maintain as the years go by (passive suspension); i.e. its' higher low down torque and better gas milleage (especially since you can't really experience the potential of a "Z" rated STS there!

There are also a lot more parts available for the SLS, as it was by far the more common Seville here in the U.S.

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M Charles
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