: Leaking out the back of head

Lewis Rolen
04-12-11, 07:43 PM
I've fixed three leaks, oil cooler top, thermostat housing, plug, and now water is pouring out between the head and the box connected to the back of the head, it's the one the tube from the plenum go's into covered with oil, just a little space between the head and this thing but waer is shooting out, don't know what to do?

04-15-11, 08:39 PM
Might be the heater control mod. I had a friend fix it for <$150. I thought that it was a head gasket too, but wasn't. I'm sure that the C dealer will rake you over the coals to do it.

04-18-11, 02:45 PM
I would say its probably the HCV valve.
Its pretty easy to replace if you go through the cabin air filter panel.
I replaced mine and it took 30 minutes and leak repaired.