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04-12-11, 10:09 AM
First post here...

I am just finishing head gasket replacement with new studs on my 2000 DTS. Left the engine in the car while doing this (not fun, but about done!) My question is regarding the timing... since I can't see the alingment marks on the crank sprocket I'm using TDC on #1 as my reference. I'm assuming that TDC with intake and exhaust valves closed and cam sprockets at 90 degrees gives me the same crank to cam position as when the crank and idler sprocket marks are aligned and going through the timing chain set procedure (cam sprockets at 90). This assumes that when the crank and idler sprocket marks are alinged that the #1 piston is at true TDC and not advanced or retarded by inherent design..... (and yes, the tensioners are retracted at this point). If I have to, I can guesstimate rotation position to line up the crank and idler marks (can see the idler mark, but don't see any reason to do so as those chains were not removed and they only line up every 7 rotations anyway... This only works though if the #1 is at true TDC when the crank / idler are alinged....

Anyone know for sure??? Appreciate any comments.

00 Deville
04-12-11, 07:10 PM
I am just finishing head gasket replacement with new studs on my 2000 DTS. Left the engine in the car while doing this (not fun, but about done!)

Ok I'll bite...
How in the world did you slide the rear head over the studs with the engine in the car.


04-13-11, 12:04 AM
roll engine forward





04-13-11, 01:46 PM
with heads off, i bet block seems pretty small. but what do you grab to pull block forward? you did not drop subframe at all?

johnny kannapo
04-13-11, 02:29 PM
You had room to drill & tap?

04-13-11, 06:39 PM
wonder if he chopped the front end off the car and kept it in the engine comparment just cut the comparment of the car lol
but seriously how did you fit the heads over the studs with engine in car

i can see drilling because i know there are some who do time sirts with the engine sill int he car but how did you do the studs ?

wonder if jake ever atempted this and just decided not going to do this because he can't resale or take care of the bottom with it in the car still
so i wonder if jake ever sucesfully did the stud job in the car

if not im sure hes like to know how you did it might be able to do the job for some on a buget just doing the heads alot cheaper and less work id bet if it could really be done

04-13-11, 10:16 PM
As far as the timing goes, with cylinder 1 at tdc, the marks on the cam gears should be 90 degrees from the machined surface of the heads. When I did mine, I stopped the engine right at tdc on number 1 and locked the cams and the crank. The marks were exactly 90 degrees from the head surface. I could not see my marks either. ........I know there is room to drill and tap being I did that myself with the engine in, but I really didn't think you could fit the rear head over the studs either. I rolled my engine forward for clearance also.

04-14-11, 01:58 PM
the motor mount brackets attach to the heads. if heads are gone, than what is supporting block? i know the pass side drive axle will lay down on frame rail with motor pulled. trans actually drops several inches when you pull motor.