: Rust Through?

04-11-11, 11:33 PM
Anyone else's fenders rotting?
My front fenders, right under the molded mudflaps, are rotting. This thing looks like a 1981 Pickup where the mudflaps are.
There's also paint bubbling off around my rear fenders...I've been applying touch up paint, but this is getting out of hand...
I bought this used, from a Dealer..
Anyone else's truck dying from rust?

04-12-11, 07:45 AM
Sounds like your truck was in an accident and not repaired correctly.

I have an '07 with 75k miles, and no rust.

04-12-11, 09:42 AM
My 08 ESV is brand new and never been in an accident, same thing is happening to me...

Behind the two front wheels, I'm getting bubbling, and the paint is flicking off. On one side of my vehicle, it's soo bad that there is a tennis ball sized circle where the paint has flicked off...

Keep in mind, even though I'm in a rust prone area, for some reason it's not rusting at all. The steel still looks great, haha...

On mine, I have the beleif that it's from all the gravel, rocks, etc... that the tires pick up and shoot. It got really bad after a camping trip where I had to drive on a dirt road for about 4-5 hours doing 80km/h.

Fast Eddie
04-12-11, 12:09 PM
I would go to the dealer. There is a rust warranty (I do not know the exact terms). I have not seen rust once on a 2000+ GM full size truck...

04-12-11, 12:34 PM
From what I have found on the internet and on this forum is that they do rust badly. Mine is a 2010 and I have a small amount of rust on the rear end and the frame. I noticed it after have 2 wheels replaced due to rusting. There is a thread where this guy got into a small accident, and you can see where there is rust behind his front bumper. I was going to ask him how he got rust there, but I know it's a GM quality issue and that this guy has more on his mind like getting his truck fixed so I didn't ask. http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-escalade-ext-esv-forum-2007/226864-i-had-bad-day-grrrr.html It sucks that they dont' build these trucks better, they had a hit on their hands.

04-12-11, 01:04 PM
I have had no issues but I get rid of cars/trucks quickly, but we have a customer with 200k miles and I have a friend with way over 200k miles and no rust, but I have also see new GM trucks with paint issues sitting on the dealer lots.

04-12-11, 04:13 PM
After first 12 months of owning brand new, the actual main frame underneath the vehicle is rusting badly. Oddly enough, all the sub-components/parts underneath the vehicle aren't. It's now the same 3 years later.

Engine bay is clean as a whistle with no rust at all.

I donno if this helps anyone, but thought I'd post.

04-12-11, 04:41 PM
My ESV came from Ohio and there is rust on nearly everything except the body panels and frame as far as I can tell. The power steering pump and lines look like a brillo pad that has been sitting on the back of the sink. Even pieces under the dash have surface rust on them. The only places on the body panels that I've found any rust are a few chips on the roof between the windshield and sunroof. Keeping my fingers crossed that the body holds up.

04-12-11, 09:06 PM
Well, I too live in a rust prone area...About 900km north of Zhariak...
The fenders appear to be OEM GM, (and are stamped as such).
Frame, and other non-coated components, like the steel under the dash, always rust around here...they're not really a big issue to me...
The steel, where the paint flakes off, also looks ok, but I think the rust is from behind, and allowing water under the paint...
Should I ask in the Caddy Rep what the deal is with the Rust warranty?

04-12-11, 09:37 PM
Towards the bottom of the page


04-12-11, 10:44 PM
See my dealer...:( Where I live....the Dealers are junk. Might be worth a shot...

04-13-11, 04:42 AM
Unfortunately manufacturer warranties on rust are tricky. Much like the title of this very thread, rust warranties, and definitely GM's... state that a covered component must be not just surface rusted, but completely rusted THROUGH... i.e. practically a hole, or rust from one side penetrating to the other. Rust issues with these trucks (the power steering lines mentioned above especially) are well documented. I must say I HAPPILY trade my faded door trim, shriveling A pillar trim and minor headlight yellowing from the Florida sun to not have to deal with ANY of this for as long as possible.

Also, if you have the power retractable running boards on your truck, you will be far more likely to have damage in these sensitive areas because the protruding non mechanized running boards also serve as (light) protection for these areas in their permanently lowered state. Much as I like them, the thin paint on these things actually provides a compelling argument against them.

Cadillac Cust Svc
04-15-11, 09:58 AM
48Dodge, have you checked in with your dealership on the issues that you have described above? Thank you.

Jeff Morris, Cadillac Customer Service

04-15-11, 10:22 AM
Well, I too live in a rust prone area...About 900km north of Zhariak...

Fort Mac? w00t w00t Oil moneyzzzzz hahah

04-15-11, 10:50 AM
48Dodge, have you checked in with your dealership on the issues that you have described above? Thank you.

Jeff Morris, Cadillac Customer Service

I checked with them about the powersteering and other rust issues under the hood (idler pulleys are pretty bad). My ESV has about 95,000 miles so no longer under the bumper to bumper. I was told the rust warranty only applied to body panels unless you know something different. I noticed the small dots of rust over the windshield after my visit to the dealer. I should be able to clean them up with a fiberglass pen and touch up with no problem.

Cadillac Cust Svc
04-15-11, 12:05 PM
Thank you for getting back with me so quickly. I was simply wondering if they were able to cover you on any of the parts you had listed. Sometimes they have more documentation than I do when it comes to fixes and things like that so I was wondering if they were able to find something that assisted you. I am glad to see that you are able to keep it under control and I do empathize with you on the issue as a whole. It is not fun to have a vehicle that has rust on it. Once again thank you for your reply.

Jeff Morris, Cadillac Customer Service

04-16-11, 02:03 PM
My panels are quite close to rust through...They've pushed all the paint off, (I rattled can-ed it to not look at hideous) and they have the feel of potato chips in a plastic bag...crunchy..I could probably poke my finger through where it's happening...

Customer Service - Does the rust have to be "rot" to qualify? I'd basically need both front fenders painted and replaced, and I imagine the dealer will be poor to deal with, as all the other warranties have expired...