: Can I put 20" Cadillac Chrome Rims on my SRX which has 18" regular wheels?

04-11-11, 06:07 AM
Hello Team,

Here is the question:

We own a 2010 Luxury w/ 18" wheels. (which we LOVE)

My wifes birthday is friday and we will all see what a wife thinks of getting new chrome wheels and tires for her birthday (I told her I was thinking of getting her something shiny, and she has NO idea what I mean!! )

Will they simply bolt on and they are 2011 SRX Premium 20" Chrome cadillac rims?

My concern was the bolt pattern and then the speedometer being off?

Any other issues I should be aware of ????


Marc NY
04-11-11, 06:52 AM
A couple of things to consider when getting 20" chrome wheels.

The overall height and outer tire circumference of the 18" tires are almost identical to the 20" tires. I had asked the dealer if I could use 18" rims and tires for the winter months on my SRX and they did a comparison check and found out the difference was so small that the speedometer wouldn't be affected at all.

Now the good bad and ugly side of the SRX's 20" Chrome wheels.

GOOD is they look "beautiful" standing still and even more beautiful when moving!

BAD is they can Nick or get damaged very easily. You just touch a curb and your done! Remember these wheels are chrome over aluminum not on steel. When washing your vehicle you better spend a good part of your time wiping down every shiny inch of chrome on your SRX or they will look dirty even though your SRX is clean. Chrome has to be spotless in order not to detract from the appearance of your great ride. :yup:

Car washes can be hazardous to your chrome rims if you are not very careful. Hitting the entrance guide rails at a bad angle can cause the aluminum chrome wheels to be damaged very easily especially if they hit the side rails too hard. I know because it has happened to me. You have to be dead straight on to ensure no hard hits.

IMO: Other than that you will have one of the best looking OEM wheels on the market! :blurock:

04-11-11, 07:25 AM
Going to OEM 20's won't be a problem as long as you're using a stock 20" size (or extremely close- within a couple mils).

I have a set of factory 20's, and switch to a set of winter rubber on the 18's in factory size for winter.

Smokin' SRX
04-11-11, 12:36 PM
all above is spot on! Also, TEST drive one (2010 or 2011) with the 20's. BIG ride stiffness difference. To attempt to eliminate inexact subjectivity, I'd say the 20's are 15-20% stiffer ride, my opinion.

Before the Test drive, be sure and press the Drivers stalk info button and look at tire pressure read-out. Will appear in center of speedo display) You want to see 34-36PSI with COLD rubber (hasn't been driven in 6-8 hours) or 36-38PSI, HOT tires (recently driven more than a mile) Many Dealer-lot cars are WAY off, on the air pressure and it DOES matter.

Have you considered having your tires Chromed?? Unless you're getting a great deal, WITH the expensive 20" tires included, see Ebay for guys doing it very reliably for years. Cost is about $1000 a set (plus $200 shipping) and they will send you a set first, to aid in expediting the exchange ( a core charge is put on your credit card untill you send back your old 18") Check if Center caps are included! Add de-mounting/mounting your existing 18" tires on new rims. Maybe $1500 total? Your softer ride is preserved.

Good luck..I would def do something! Much better look, JIMHO!


04-11-11, 07:25 PM
My wifes birthday is friday and we will all see what a wife thinks of getting new chrome wheels and tires for her birthday

I think you're in alot of trouble, nothing says I love you honey as much as chromed rims 'cept maybe a new washing machine.

04-11-11, 08:51 PM
From a ladies point.....I think you better get her jewlery to go with those rims!!!

Smokin' SRX
04-12-11, 12:08 PM
Good one!! LMAO! he did say the rims had diamond air valve caps, right???


05-01-11, 09:04 AM
I put 20 inch chrome rims on my 2010 luxury srx.They look great.Are you sure this is a present for your wife?