: 07 ESV Radio

04-09-11, 11:09 PM
OK I have a 07 ESV and I'm on my third radio what the hell the first one was covered by factor warranty. But now the third has been covered by my extended warranty and it is up in May. The rear A/C also went out it was a value and the dealer charged 800.00 to repair that WOW. The radio was almost 2000.00 the warranty didn't want to pay all of the radio cost but they covered most. I had to pay 230.00 better that than 2800.00 I guess. Damn the dealer are not hurting at all with all the trucks and cars in the service bays. Now I have to get a longer warranty for the truck for another 5 years 100.000 miles but well worth it I guess.

the cadillac man
04-10-11, 01:26 AM
it sounds like you power issues causing the radio to fail no clue on the other problem sorry