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04-09-11, 11:05 PM
My limo has regular tags on it - no livery or limo tags - because it's my private car. I don't use it for driving anyone around but my own family.

I got back from Colorado last night and the limo is the only car that can haul me, my GF, her son and the snowboard bags comfortably. My brother grabbed the car from my house and met us at the airport.

We were being watched.

As soon as I got everything loaded up and my GF and her son were comfortably seated in the back, there was a knock on the driver's window. I was in the passenger seat. It was the Port Authority Police.

"You got all your luggage and passengers loaded up okay", he said.

My bro says "Yeah", through the window he just put down.

"Whose limo is this?" says the cop.

Before my brother could answer, I said "It's mine, sir!"

The cop paused a moment and said "Cool. I bet some crazy shit goes on back there. I don't want to know about it, though." He waved us on.

There's lots of gypsy cabs/limos that roll through Newark Liberty International Airport. He was just making sure we weren't operating one of them.

Even though the car is 15 years old, it draws plenty of attention and is every bit as comfy as a new one. We made the trip home in record time and quite comfortably despite the rain soaked roads. I enjoyed looking back from the front passenger seat at my GF and her son curled up on the back seat, like they were sitting in their living room.

I miss my DTS at times, but I like this Fleetwood more and more every day.

04-10-11, 03:48 AM
Thats pretty cool the cop didn't give you guys a hard time. Some cops are pretty chill like that, unlike the majority of them.:cop:

I think I have only seen one 93-96 Fleetwood Limo in my life. They are super rare. But extremely nice looking in all black!

I pulled up behind a 2004ish DTS today, god that car is ugly trash! Anyways, I felt so above the guy driving the DTS:cool2::golden:. Those things just don't stand out like our huge Fleetwoods with the real metal chrome bumpers, and nice stainless trim.

I get so many stares from random people in my car. If I were to drive a 05 DTS or Any Cadillac built today, nobody would even pay attention.:helpless: No offense to DTS owners. I do like the new ones though.

04-11-11, 12:42 AM
Fleetwood limos weren't rare but they're well past the age that limo companies use.
I always thought it would be fun to own a limo.

04-11-11, 07:20 AM
Fleetwood limos weren't rare but they're well past the age that limo companies use.
I always thought it would be fun to own a limo.

My brother recently sent me a pic of a '96 that was still in service in Manhattan. It was a "real" limo (looked like a 54" stretch with a solid middle as opposed to my 6 door) and had livery tags. But yes, limo companies generally retire their cars after a few years. No paying customer wants to be driven around in an old limo.

04-12-11, 12:39 PM
You have a decent Fleetwood Limo , if I had to buy a limo I would like to own like yours