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04-09-11, 10:50 AM
Hi I just bought an 07 V and am pumped about it. Been looking for a while for the right car.

Anyway, a lot of the parts I see are just for 04-06, like this item 130483150597 on ebay (edit, wouldn't let me embed the link...) I was just going to order one from ebay so that I know that it would ship quickly. Is there really much of a difference between 04-07 except for the ls2 and possibly rear end?

It also looked like the B&M shifter was only for 04-06...

Thanks for the nob help. Julian

04-10-11, 10:26 AM
You may want to try this:


One of the reasons that there are not as many listings for the '07 V concerning performance parts is,
GM ( 'talk on the street' ) was planning on redoing the car for '07,
but we all know that the 'big' change did not occur until '08-'09.
Parts manuals did not include the '07 because there were pending issues.
Just remember that an '07 oil filter is not the 13/16".
It is the 22mm. So, it is a different part number.

Good Luck with your car. You'll find interesting 'reads' and helpful guys on the forum.