: Transmission Problem? not sure. HELP!!!

10-07-04, 02:06 PM
I have a 2002 Cadillac Escalade EXT with only 30,000 miles. Just last week, I noticed when I step on the gas after a complete stop, there is a VERY obvious lag in the transmission catching and accelerating. I was on a flat street but it sounded like I was trying to climb a very very very steep hill. The engine was struggling. I got on the freeway, and the darn thing wouldn't shift into 5th gear. I shut off the truck and re-started it, and it went back to normal. A week later, it did the same thing. Again, I shut off the truck and re-started it and it went back to normal again. Then today, it did it again, but this time the "service engine soon" light came on and stayed on. I also saw the "airbag" & "Brake" warning lights flash a couple times. What could this be? At first I thought it could be just from me using 87 octane from time to time, but this seems too major. Help?

10-07-04, 03:00 PM
First, you don't have a 5th gear. Second, take it to the dealership and let them check it out. If the lights went off, then their should be a diagnostic code stored. Also have them adjust the firmness of the 1-2 shift. The noise could be the delay between pressing the gas and hearing the engine respond.

10-07-04, 03:32 PM
just take it to the dealer man. it should still be under warranty, right? let them worry about it.

10-07-04, 04:16 PM
As said there is no 5th gear, have you checked the fluid? I would do that first, if the level is ok then take it to the dealer and have them check it out.

10-08-04, 12:42 AM
I think one of your computers is damaged...

10-08-04, 01:01 AM
I would definately take it to the dealer, but also at the 30,000 mile mark, it is the perfect time to have your trans flushed and replaced with some synthetic trans fluid. ;)

10-08-04, 11:33 AM
Thanks for your input everyone.

10-08-04, 02:13 PM
Ok. Now all of a sudden today, the "service engine soon" light shut off. If I take it to the dealer with that light off, will they still be able to get the diagnostic codes of what is wrong with it? Sorry if i'm being a stresscase guys, but I hate it when things go wrong with my truck.

10-08-04, 05:21 PM
Yes, now adays the computer stores many of these codes for the dealership to retrieve. So definately have it checked.