: Electrical Question

04-09-11, 05:44 AM
How many watts does it take to run the factory equipment on this vehicle? I was looking at the Compnine specs and it says my factory alternator is 140 amps. Do I multiply that by 12 volts (1680 watts)?

04-09-11, 06:08 AM
Yes, why are you concerned, going for a huge audio amp? I wouldn't count on the alternator putting out that much current except for short periods of time. Will probably heat up and fail if you run it close to maximum output current for extended periods.

04-10-11, 09:28 PM
Show you right. I have 3 amplifiers and I needed to know how many more batteries to add. So far I just have a Diehard battery and a kinetik hc2400. My alternator is 220 amps but it's kinda old. Most likely I'll sell the hc2400 and upgrade to 2 hc3800s.

Also, I was upgrading the battery wires under the hood to 0 gauge and I noticed there are 3 wires coming from the positive terminal and 2 from the ground. 1 ground connected to the chassis and the other to the engine block. But what's the purpose of the 3rd power wire (1 goes from the positive terminal to the alternator and 1 is for the starter, I believe)?