: Installed New Interior On My Old Mazda

ted tcb
04-08-11, 05:58 PM
Ever had a ratty looking interior, and hate the look of seat covers?
My wife drives an 04 Mazda 6, and her seat material was literally falling apart.
The beige cloth was extremely cheap that year, and even water stains the seats.

I found these seats on Kijijii classifieds, and then made my own leather armrest.
All in all, it took me about 4 hrs.
I could've done it quicker, but I took my time, cleaning as I went, refastening all
tabs, etc.
I kind of like the two tone look ... its similar to my 09 Mazda 6.

Old seats.

New seats installed.
I know the hard plastics aren't black, but it looks ok and my wife loves the


Here is the 09's two tone interior.

Both cars side by side.
Mechanically, they are very similar.
Design wise, they share virtually no styling cues.
Hardcore 6 owners hate the new car, calling it too big and plush.
I don't know, both cars are very nice highway cruisers, and the new car
handles very well with the 18" tires.
I just swapped out the factory 235/45/18's with Yokohama Envigor
2355018's. They fill out the wheel wells more, and the higher profile sidewall
gives a smoother ride.
The 09 may look black, but it is black cherry, which looks cherry, black, or
mahogany, depending on the light.


Next step, the 04 has a bit of road rash on the lower front bumper.
I went to our local garage supply company, and had them blend me a half
pint of acrylic enamel paint.
Next step, wiped the paint on with a rag, let it dry, then wiped off the excess
with some acetone. Also used a fine tip craft brush to gently fill in the odd
stone chip.
The car really looks amazing ... same method as Dr. ColorChip, but my
homemade recipe cost me only $15 in supplies, and I have enough paint
to last me the life of the car.


Somehow, I ended up with 3 Mazda's.
Here is my favourite Mazda, which has never, ever let me down.
The most reliable car I've ever owned, just fill up gas and go!


Now, all I have to do is sell the old interior on the internet.
Its amazing what people will pay for this stuff.

04-08-11, 06:35 PM
Ahh, the lure of Mazda. IMO, The black seats look kind of weird with the rest of the interior beige, but if your wife likes it, that's all that matters.

04-08-11, 06:43 PM
sweet, looks good. i wish i had time to put in that kind of work

also, your miata has got to be my favorite color combo. the interior and exterior set each other off just right

04-08-11, 08:20 PM
I love the contrasting interior! Its very Saab 9-3.

The first-gen 6 is also one of my favorites, with just the right size and packaging to be practical but light and tossable. Of all the cars I've driven over the past decade, the base-model automatic 4-cylinder 2007 Mazda 6 I rented in Tampa sticks out as one of my absolute favorites.

ted tcb
04-08-11, 09:21 PM
I agree with Jesda's view of the base 2004 Mazda 6.

I rarely drive my wife's car, and I drove it down to Oshawa (90 minutes) to
purchase the leather seats. The car is extremely smooth, has a very usable
power band, great site lines, tracks perfectly, and is the right size.
It is leaps and bounds better than our previous mid size cars, but
gets overlooked by the public.

By comparison, the new style 6 has grown upscale.
Its a very nice car, but it isn't as upscale as it's appearance would lead you
to believe. In other words, the newer car is more of a pretender, whereas the
original 6 is simply a very nice mid size sedan.

Best part of the task for me was having the interior stripped, which allowed
me to scour every inch of the inside of the car.
Although it was actually quite clean, I was able to wipe down, vacuum, and
freshen every nook and cranny.

Up close, the interior and outside paint do not look like they've endured 7
Canadian winters. The OEM rims get waxed and put away each winter, the
body gets Krown rustproofed every two years, and I pressure wash the
undercarriage each spring.


04-08-11, 11:29 PM
Great save on that old Mazda 6!

04-09-11, 11:35 AM
I definitely like the look of the old 6 better (although it has to have the sport styling) but I like the extra power the newer one has (270 vs. 220)