: Parts needed...

04-08-11, 05:07 PM
Got 99 seville sts looking to replace my air compressor ( for the air shocks not AC. ) and mass air flow sensor. If you could give me a price on those would be great.

If the air compressor is to much I might just go with the mass air flow sensor and look for a used air compressor

04-09-11, 01:30 PM
if you could get me your VIN (either post here or send via PM) that would ensure an accurate part look-up

i can definitely save you some money off of the list prices

04-10-11, 11:54 PM

Parts needed new or used ( if it can save me $$$ )
Front Struts
Rear Shocks
Air Compressor
mass air flow sensor

I am also open to none electric and none air if it can stop the errors and still ride good. Right now the compressor is out of the car as it died. If you know of someone that can rebuild it that might work as well and save some $$$..


04-10-11, 11:57 PM
One other questions I have seen some used struts but I am not sure what version is right F55 w/o F55 and F45 or w/o f45 along with FE1 and FE3 I have no idea what those mean... LoL

04-11-11, 12:37 PM
your suspension is F45+FE3

i do not sell used parts - i can recommend Cadillac Heaven ( http://cadillacheaven.com ) they are my local cadillac-only salvage yard


front struts
LH #22064765 $1,140 (list price) - $685 (your price)
RH #22064766 $1,180 (list price) - $709 (your price)

rear shocks
LH #22064872 $903 (list price) - $542 (your price)
RH #22064873 $903 (list price) - $542 (your price)

#12494809 $568 (list price) - $405 (your price)

MAF sensor
Reman #19112618 $235.32 (list price) - $147.08 (your price, plus a $30 core - refundable upon return)
NEW #19179717 $284.42 (list price) - $177.76 (your price, no core)