: Sub Install help

04-08-11, 02:08 PM
I am throwing some subs in the trunk, so I can actually hear some lows, and I was wondering how you guys are running the power to the Amp?

I was short on time lastnight and looked all over for a path to take thru the car.. I can't seem to find a firewall hole I can get thru. I found the fuse box(s) under the back seat, but I am no electrician, I have no clue how to borrow some power from there.. I searched for some help on this but didn't find anything.. if there is an old forum please point me to it..

I would just take it to the local sound shop..but....Indy V meet is next weekend..:cool2:


04-09-11, 10:30 AM
as always, the FAQ's got your back.


Let me know how it goes, I'm likely tackling a sub install sometime in the next month, and I think I'll be pining for my old car that had the battery in the trunk and an extra 40 amp fuse already installed from the factory just waiting for an amp.