: 85 Fleetwood FWD Firm Pedal / Brakes barely work

Fleetwood Mac Daddy
04-08-11, 10:56 AM
1985 Fleetwood 2dr FWD 4.1L V8

I had a problem with my brakes barely stopping the car, and the pedal slowing going to the floor. Even pumping the brakes first and hitting them hard with a firm pedal the car was just slowing down, not really stopping. I got a new master cylinder, bled it, installed it, and bled the brakes. Now the pedal stays firm, but still doesn't stop the car like it used to. The brake pedal only goes down a little bit and won't go any further down like before, where the harder I pushed the pedal and the further it went down the more the brakes would grab. I can be doing 35mph and push on the pedal as hard as I can and the car just slows down. If I turn the car off and then pump the brake it gets firm really quick, and holding my foot on the pedal while starting the engine the pedal softens back up a little bit, but doesn't go down as far as normal. I don't know where else to look, it seems like the booster is still working and I can not find any vacuum leaks. I do not know too much about the ABS system to know what to check there. Could if be some sort of clogged proportioning valve? The shoes/pads are in decent shape. Fluid level is good and doesn't go down, and there are no signs of a leak at the calipers/wheel cylinders.

What else can I check? Any help is appreciated. I can't get under the car very well, but I can get some help if I can tell them what to look for.

Thank you,


johnny kannapo
04-13-11, 12:47 PM
Make sure the caliper pins are not rusted & move freely. Do the brakes pull to one side? Feel the wheels after braking hard to see if the brakes are generating any heat front & rear, side to side. The cooler wheel or wheels are not braking as effectively.

You may then be able to narrow the cause of the problem down now that the peddle is firm to a wheel or axle.

Do you have drums in the rear? The self ajusters may be rusty & not expanding the shoes fully. Could the pads or shoes be oily? ABS may be an issue.

07-22-11, 09:58 AM
This car should have a belt driven vacuum pump. You need to verify its providing vacuum to assist the booster. We need to know if this car has rear disc or drum brakes to help further.

09-17-11, 04:13 PM
So I guess this guy died because of failed brakes?