View Full Version : Can't get 1133 02 switching code to go away. Any ideas?

04-07-11, 11:47 PM
Just had 9.5 pulley, W4M CAI, and W4M tune put on my 09' auto.

Have early AR headers with 02 bungs moved to the correct spot (hopefully).

Car did OK on dynojet, putting out 530 hp.

My dyno guy replaced 02's and plugs, but car keeps throwing o2 switching codes on both banks. He says it is fine, except for at idle, when the 02's are not switching.

Any ideas on what is wrong?

04-08-11, 12:00 AM
you should me making a good deal more than 530hp. Somethings off with the header bungs is my guess

04-08-11, 12:20 AM
Have you logged the fuel trims? If the LTfuel trims are too high, the ECU will add fuel when you go WOT into PE mode. This might explain the missing power.

04-08-11, 12:00 PM
O2's are slow because of distance from the exhaust port. Same for the kooks in my application. You have a couple of options 1) force open loop at idle 2) shut the CEL off each require a tune