: Wheel cover problems!

10-07-04, 11:39 AM
My wheel covers are slightly ben in some places, very minor stuff, though. The things were so incredibly hard to put on and take off, even the shop where I got new tires didnt even bother. I was thinking about the safety issues too. If you get a flat on the road and the damned wheel covers wont come off, how are you supposed to change the tire out? Does anyone know of a good trick to use when installing and removing the covers? The wrench I have is fine, not stripped or anything, but it just doesnt grip the bolt! Any different style rims I could get that would avoid this problem? By the way I got the usual wire rims like these: http://www.pevomuc.de/100-Cadillac/PECAAR.07/1979A/79_DeVille_Coupe_01.jpg

Please help! :rant2:

10-07-04, 01:05 PM
I used to have those wheel covers on my '79. I didn't like them, they are too heavy, and too hard to keep clean, not to mention a pain to get on and off.
There's no real trick to get them to fit, just make sure they are lined up with the wheel correctly. Are you sure the bolts on the covers aren't stipped a bit? I've had some that did round off and it made them hard for the wrench to turn.
I ended up just putting regular hubcaps on my '79.