: Cooling Fan Fault, Ac Clutch fault , Abs Relay

04-07-11, 04:28 PM
Hello all , I have a 89 and my DIC is giving me messages for the Cooling Fan and Ac compressor Clutch. I ran the diagnostic codes and I got B112 , B441 , and B481. I just replaced the relay for the cooling fan , and now it works with the Ac on but it doesnt turn on by itself. My Dash is reading correct temps, so it seems that its not the thermostat. I think it is the Cooling fan module but Im not sure. I was also hoping someone can tell me where to buy the abs Relay and Ac compressor clutch relay with interchangeable part numbers. Thank you Allante owners!

04-08-11, 10:08 AM
If you have the large fan module mounted in front of the passenger front tire, it can be found on 88, 89 Eldos and Sevilles mounted on the radiator support just behind the grille. The A/C fault sets because the module is not allowing the fans to come on at high speed or not engaging both fans. The ABS relay is rather hard to find. you might try www.allantesource.com

04-08-11, 03:44 PM
Thank you for the great information. I have a pick n pull down the street so I'm gonna go check it out for some eldo's and see if I can save some money. I hate how hard it is to track down the abs relay lol. Thanks again for the quick response.