: 2000 DTS suspension replacement (rear & front)

04-07-11, 12:19 PM
i have been shopping around for new suspension. I want to get as close to stock as possible, but dont want to pay stock prices (isnt that what we all want). I have read that Arnott is a good company, does anyone else concur? I have found these for the rear http://www.amazon.com/2000-CADILLAC-DEVILLE-SUSPENSION-SHOCKS/dp/B00304SNQQ

my question is can i still use the air suspension, if my current setup bypasses that?

Does anyone have any recommendations for the front

johnny kannapo
04-10-11, 05:57 PM
The Arnott shocks will bolt up & restore the air leveling function but will not be compatible for the CVRSS system. The active road sensing will now be disabled in the rear the Arnott conversion will effect to some degree the entire CVRSS system or "Stabilitrac" will be handicapped.

The air leveling system functions independant of the CVRSS with the exception of the rear wheel position sensors that are controlling the air compressor to maintain rear level height. The air leveling is the simplest component of the entire suspension system.