: 70 coupe exhaust manifold

04-07-11, 01:09 AM
Can anyone tell me what size bolt is used to mount the exhaust manifold to the block?? Two of mine the head snapped off (the last one on the left and right side) I was hoping to drill and tap them and bolt up em up and call it a day. Can it be that easy?? Thanks

04-07-11, 01:15 PM
I personally can't see drilling them out while the head is on the block. My plan has been, if I ever need to do this, it'll be an excuse to have some head work done. I'll just take the heads off the block with the manifold attached and let the machine shop deal with it. Good luck.

Angry Matt
04-07-11, 06:22 PM
The shop manual says 3/8-16 with 35ft lbs of torque.

04-07-11, 10:06 PM