: How much can one negotiate off base msrp sticker price?

04-07-11, 01:06 AM
I noticed the base price for a SRX Luxury was around $38,320 MSRP sticker.

What is the average discount can a new buyer negotiate on that price?

Please advise. Thanks in advance....

Smokin' SRX
04-07-11, 08:35 AM
I never pay more than few hundred over Invoice price. Go to KBB.com for free pricing and Invoice price. I think the SRX has a spread of about $3k between MSRP and Invoice. So a MSRP Luxury w/sticker of $38,200 may be available for $35-36K. ANY rebates/loyalty is ADDITIONALLY discounted after that. Simply ask "do you sell at Invoice to a serious buyer?"

Of course a busy Dealer w/ only 3 on the lot may only give $1K off the MSRP.. Call a few. Tell them you are ready to buy! Marketplace rules.

04-07-11, 10:13 AM

The SRX FWD Base model, which is a step down from the Luxury model is listed:

Invoice: $32,536 (does not include destination charge)

MSRP: $34,430 (does not include destination charge)

Destination Charge: $875

Fair Price: $34,493 (Destination Charge Included)

How does that translate to the FWD Luxury model, which I have found MSRP at $39,875, Destination Included?? (One dealer has already discounted $1,000 in an prelim offer, e.g. $38,875, no additional options.)

Can I assume, if there is a + - $1,900 difference in Base model Invoice and MSRP, and Fair Price discounts Destination charge, the dealer is matching a Fair Price scenario, e.g. $1,000.00 off MSRP on the FWD Luxury?

Any input is highly appreciated.

Smokin' SRX
04-08-11, 08:36 AM
You can usually get any car at Invoice price unless in short supply/hot color/option ,etc. So $2K off MSRP (approx ) is your goal. $1K off MSRP is a good starting point for sure! Don't forget, ANY rebates/loyalty etc is in ADDITION to that.

Dealer has to make a buck too,but make a few offers and remember, don't be afraid to say "call me if you can do a little better". You never get bottom line till you are about to leave! LOL


PS ....... pay a bit more for a GOOD local Dealer with a great waiting room!! LOL

04-08-11, 02:41 PM
A friend only got $750.00 off a 2011 luxury awd with nav option. We just got $2250.00 off awd peformance 2011 but that took alot of back and fourth and knowing the sales manager. Because, atleast around here they are selling quickly and awd is not plentiful. We had 2 dealers refuse to budge at all even when we picked the check book up and left. One called back 3 weeks later and we offered to come show him the new purchase he lost and show him the proper operation of the parking sensors that he did not know how to use. He nicely declined. Too bad they don't have a low price guarantee. But his dealership will get the warranty work as their service department is excellent and much closer than where we purchased. Don't know where your from but like stated above don't be afraid to leave and try many other dealers especially the ones in outlying areas as they may be more willing to deal. Also as already stated any other factory rebates or financing is after the discount. Important note.....Your incentives are based on the address it will be registered to, not where you buy so if say you are in California and there is a factory program any us dealer can get you that program even in say Florida. Where are you east, central, west?

04-14-11, 09:54 PM
If you really want to find out what the actual dealer price is, go to: www.truecar.com That web site will give you more info than you can get anywhere else.
It will also show you what the average retail cost has been for the particular car you are interested in, plus many other variables. Great site! It has saved me
thousands off of new vehicle purchases.

04-15-11, 01:29 PM
so, Cadillacnuvo how's the purchase going?

04-23-11, 10:51 AM
Dealer in Temecula,California has 2 base models selling for $31,995....sounds like a few dollars below invoice from some of your estimates??

04-23-11, 02:29 PM
Of course, as it is closer to the end of the model year...

05-05-11, 12:13 AM
We purchased a 2010 Performance model in Nov. last year for $38,800 (new) from a dealer in O.C. Watch the internet for specials and jump on the deal when it comes up.

My local dealer that I use for service did not believe it when I told him what we paid.

05-05-11, 02:43 PM
I purchased a 2011 Premium SRX in February with Trailering Package, Roof Crossbars, Navigation/HDD, 20",Chrome Tech Wheels and Splash Guards, MochaSteel
with my $1000 GM loyalty rebate for a total of $46,780 in the Portland, Oregon area. ($47,780 w/o the GM Loyalty).

No other dealers I worked with could come down lower than $48k for a Premium except this dealer. I used "Truecar" website to benchmark and to help use during my negotiations.