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04-06-11, 04:08 PM
My car has been at the dealership for three days, investigating a vibration, felt through the gas pedal, little in the steering wheel and shifter. Car is an automatic. They called me today, said that in talking to GM tech, that it's inherent in the car, that they all have it. They drove two others, an auto and manual, and they both have it. It's felt primarily between 1500-2000 RPM, but you can feel it slightly below and above that.

Anyway, going there tomorrow to take the manual for a spin, see if it does it as well. The help I need from you guys is to see if your cars do it. If you guys can tell me definitively that yours don't, then I can reference this thread to show them that no, they don't all do that.

Those that have coupes, I really want to hear from you, so it's apples to apples.

Thanks in advance,

04-06-11, 04:25 PM
I have not notice the vibration in my Coupe, it's also an auto.

Dewey :yup:

04-06-11, 04:27 PM
I do not feel any vibration in my V Wagon. It's a stick.

04-06-11, 04:29 PM
No such vibrations in mine, Dave. It's an auto with 2200 miles, just taking it back out after a winter in the garage.

04-06-11, 04:46 PM
No accelerator pedal vibrations in my sedan.

04-06-11, 08:03 PM
same here 09 manual tranny no problems

04-06-11, 08:22 PM
I have a '10 manual V sedan. Smoothest car I've ever driven and without a doubt - absolutely no vibration in the pedals/wheel/shifter etc. whatsoever.

Good luck on this!

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04-06-11, 08:30 PM
I have a '10 manual V sedan. Smoothest car I've ever driven and without a doubt - absolutely no vibration in the pedals/wheel/shifter etc. whatsoever.
I can't imagine that the Cadillac Team, having stated that their goal is to lead, rather than follow, would permit something as annoying as this vibration that you are describing to be "inherent in the car".
That is simply not acceptable.

Good luck on this!

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04-06-11, 08:36 PM
i cant feel anything over the clutch shudder. kidding... i have no vibration at all like what you describe.

2010 6MT - 6,000 miles.

04-06-11, 08:56 PM
Not uncommon for a steering wheel vibration to be cured with a driveshaft indexing by dealer. Mine needed it when brand new, and it worked to cure a noticeable highway steering vibe. Easy, quick, well-known TSB. I would also recommend a good threadlocker be used on re-torque.

04-06-11, 10:18 PM
Thanks for the replies guys. Based on them, the "normal for the car" is BS, just like I figured. Will let you all know what goes on.


04-07-11, 01:27 PM
have them pull up a brand new car with you there and see if it does it.

04-07-11, 01:35 PM
Mine does it a tad through the gas pedal at around 2K RPMs. I don't feel it through the steering wheel or shifter though. I know what you are talking about and it is going to be classified as normal.

04-07-11, 02:51 PM
2010 Sedan auto....unfortunately I have a slight vibration as well. Was this engine speed induced or road speed induced? Mine does it only on road speed. Engine by itself is smooth through all rpm ranges. I think it has to with the tires and the dealer gave me a slip of paper from GM that stated that some vibration at certains speeds and road conditions was normal. I took them at their word and haven't had any problems or increase in vibration over the last 15,000 miles, so I guess it is normal.

04-07-11, 03:10 PM
11 Coupe auto with no vibrations whatsover

04-07-11, 03:18 PM
I have a manual and I don't feel any vibrations. I will pay attention on my way home from work later to confirm.