: New member and question

Ken Major
04-06-11, 01:08 PM
hello, i just found this website and it is very informative! i used to own a 1996 eldorado etc and i am looking to purchase another. i happened across this car in the auto trader, but its about 400 miles from where i live. it is at a dealer and they are asking 12k. it is black with black interior. it is an etc with 51k miles. does it seem like a fair price? i have been out of the market for awhile and could use some help. thanks!

by the way, i tried posting the link, but the forum will not let me do so because i have less than 5 posts.

04-06-11, 01:11 PM
Sounds like it is way overpriced. A buddy of mine purchased the same car with 58k miles for $6000 just 2 months ago.

Ken Major
04-06-11, 01:15 PM
6k! thats quite a difference! where did he find it?

04-06-11, 01:24 PM
is it a 96?

04-06-11, 01:35 PM
He searched for a while on craigslist.

Here is what they are going for in the area.

04-06-11, 01:35 PM
$12,000. sounds like a lot for any ETC in this market. Even though 51,000 is low miles, if you keep looking you are sure to find one for a lot less. You may have to travel, or have the car checked out by a reputable service (such as a Cadillac dealer near the seller's location), but it is well worth the effort to get a good car.

Welcome to the Forums!

04-06-11, 09:10 PM
Welcome to the Cadillac forum. You'll find this group has a keen eye for value. A lot of people don't realize that Cadillacs are usually a much better value than a dealer may disclose by asking price.

My 2006 STS is representative. MSRP was $66k and it likely sold new at $56-58k. After three years and 38,000 miles, I bought it for $22k including Cadillac Certified Pre-Owned bumper-to-bumper warranty for 3 years until 100,000 miles. Now, near 70,000 miles, its value is around $15k and after 100,000 miles, I expect it to drop below $10k.

Even an outstanding ETC is the previous generation and after 50,000 miles prices tumble. It happens again after 100,000 miles. I think the dealer paid under $8k.

johnny kannapo
04-06-11, 11:00 PM
What is your area?