View Full Version : Summer, where are you?

04-05-11, 01:52 PM
I just picked up my 2010 V sedan from the dealership about 10 days ago. Black Raven, all option except the alcantra. The dealer had a set of winter tires and rims that they had purchased for the car but not installed. After some negotiating, I agreed to buy them and had them on the car when I picked it up. The thing was no one told me the tires were studded or that the rims were in matte black. The rims are growing on me, just not a fan of color matched wheels. If I can figure out how to load a picture I'll try this weekend.

The studded tires make noise but the car is so quiet inside that I only really notice it if I open the windows. The nasty thing right now is that our highways are now snow-free, but not the streets near my home. I was cruising along at about 75 mph and jumped into about 3/4 throttle. The car initially shot ahead but I couldn't believe that the traction control light was going nuts.

I cannot wait until the residential streets are all free of snow so I can get the real rubber on and feel the incredible pull of this thing down low in the torque range.

04-05-11, 02:06 PM
Dreading summer here. Snow is that white stuff right?

04-05-11, 02:47 PM
Dreading summer here. Snow is that white stuff right?

Yes that white stuff is snow i think my father told me once :)) and yes summer is here. 92 degrees today :))