: Buying a car on Ebaymotors?

10-06-04, 09:48 PM
Has anyone ever done this before? Could you describe the process.

There is one pro from ebay, low prices. CON: You cant always inspect the vehicle, fraud possibility, transporting it, signing all the paper work.

There are now three 93' Fleetwoods on Ebay.

Night Wolf
10-06-04, 10:10 PM
I have been a regular on ebay for 4 years now...

I havn't "legally" bought a car on ebay... although that is how I found the '79... ended with no bids, I was interested, e-maile dthe guy, we talked and BAM!...

it is just like buying anything else on ebay.... generally (90% of the time) it will be smooth and seamless... I woudln't worry... check the feedback rating, ask the guy questions etc... it shoudl be fine...

Night Wolf
10-06-04, 10:11 PM
also, if the car is far away from you... that is the best part... buy a 1-way plane ticket... get the car ont he road and rive it back... nothing like spending the first time with your new baby for a nice long ride home.... and the FLeetwood should be an excelent cruiser car :)

10-07-04, 12:00 AM
www.autotrader.com Gets them close to your house, no bidding, no fakes. Set limits of how far you want to go. much better than ebay IMO.

10-07-04, 12:49 AM
As long as it doesn't die on the way...

10-07-04, 03:23 AM
www.autotrader.com Gets them close to your house, no bidding, no fakes. Set limits of how far you want to go. much better than ebay IMO.

Hell yea man, nice link right there. Found my 60 just like that.

DopeStar 156
10-07-04, 09:09 AM
Still, if you're lucky, on your way to work you'll just happen to spill a Mountain Dew on yourself, have to pull over, and lo and behold, your new car is parked across the street waiting for you with a for sale sign. Haha the twisted story of how I found mine. I did exactly that, I pulled over, and there she was.

10-07-04, 09:16 AM
every car i've bought i found because i happened to pull into the dealership. wasn't even looking for a car at the time.

10-07-04, 11:28 AM
I've bought three cars on eBay and sold 1. So far I've done great on the buying part! I bought my STS for about $6,000 less than the dealer wanted for the same car a year older. I paid $150 for a '86 Volvo 240 that I drove for almost a year that ran great, and I bought my low miles '94 Deville for a great price, and it was in better shape than the ad or pics made it out to be! The paint and interior of this car is amazing for a 10 year old car and it runs and drives like a new car!
On the selling car part, I had a bidder that blew me and three other people off on cars she bought. But I got eBay to refund my listing fee and sold the car to a buyer who lived close to me anyways.
The shipping for the cars has been in the $450-$500 range and is well worth it if you're saving a few thousand dollars off the price of the car.
You do have to be careful, like for my STS, I ran a carfax on it, and made sure that the car was still under factory warranty before I bought one, so that if there were any problems on such an expensive car, I wouldn't have to pay for them.

Daniel Almestica
10-07-04, 12:44 PM
got my 94etc on ebay was a bit worry but with the feed back and emails and talking with the guys everything thing went fine! good luck

10-07-04, 03:35 PM
I bought my '97 Eldorado from eBay a couple of months ago. The entire experience went very well. The car was even better than described in the listing and the seller was excellent to deal with. I did buy from an established, reputable dealer though. I don't know if I'd be too keen on buying from a private party.

You do have to be careful though. Before I bought the car that I ended up with, I also looked at an STS that was listed. The car looked amazing, but after emailing the seller and talking to him on the phone, it was quite obvious that he was a private party and not a dealership, as he tried to present himself. The guy was difficult to talk with on the phone - I'm sure he would have been equally difficult to deal with during a transaction.

So my advice is: Buy from a reputable, established dealer that has a high feedback rating. If you do have interest in a car being sold by a private party, check out the person as much as you check out the car.

My eBay experience was very positive...! :bouncy:

barge master
10-07-04, 07:57 PM
I've never dealt with e-bay personally, but the guy I got my 80 FWB from, got it from an e-bay sale. I can't claim to know all the details, but I know the car would take a good picture, and the guy was told that there was 51,000 miles on it. Some little used car lot in Florida had it, and apparently claimed it was in good running condition. He paid $1800 for it, plus $400 to ship it to Ct. When the car arrived, he saw it had 105,100 miles on it, the interior was a toilet, it needed major brake work, didn't run so well, had 4 bald tires and a lot of stuff didn't work. The car sat in the man's yard for a year and I finally knocked on his door. It turned out he had bought the car for his wife and she ended up getting cancer and died.
I was kind of shocked to hear how much he paid for it. The car is a nice solid car with nothing major wrong with it, but it took a lot of work to get it roadworthy. If I wasn't able to do the work myself it would have cost a fortune to get it together. The only thing that made it so lucrative was the straight body, new paint, and awesome chrome.
I would have flipped if that's all $2200 got me. The car was a mechanics special in every sense of the word. I'm not sure how clearly he understood the cars condition, but he sounded like he got an unpleasant surprise.
I ended up giving him $500 for the car. To look at it, you'd say it was the deal of the century, but in light of the work the car needed, it was a lot closer to the cars worth than what he paid.
I've heard a lot of good stories about e-bay but this one wasn't one of them.

10-07-04, 09:26 PM
I found my DTS on eBaY. Was not purchased through eBaY though. The car was 60 miles from me and I went to look at it in person. And then I negotiated with the dealership from there. One owner (72 year old guy), low mileage, no dents or scratches, etc....

Had I bought it on eBaY, been 1,000 miles away, and had it shipped to me.... I would not have been disappointed even then. The car is basically like new inside and out.

The trick on eBaY is stay away from car auctions that do not have comprehensive pictures and numerous images posted in the auction. And they must be good quality images as well. In my opinion! Below is just one image from the eBay auction that led me to seek out the DTS. Notice the quality of the picture. :)


10-07-04, 09:41 PM
Just be careful if anybody sends you a cashier's check for MORE than the price and wants the change back plus the car. My cousin sells a few cars and a lot of parts on eBay, he got one like that. He's the type who can smell a scam a mile away, he got the cashier's check checked out, sure enough it was bogus. Same with someone selling an expensive car or truck for cheap in someplace like Greece. Exactly how does a 2003 F-350 Powerstroke GET to Greece and why are you selling it for $8000? Uh-huh, yeah, right. Don't laugh, I've seen it.

10-08-04, 08:18 AM
i've heard about the cashier's check scam before. be careful with that one.

10-08-04, 03:39 PM
There is another scam going on, I have seen and heard about personally within the past two days, it deals with conversion coaches.

There was a 2002 Prevost XL Conversion on there yesterday, no reserve, and you had to be PRE-APPROVED to bid. The guy had an e-mail on there and said E-MAIL ME AND BUY IT NOW FOR $15,000.00 US! Uhh, the bus is worth about $800,000.00 - $1,200,000.00 , it was a fake. The seller had plenty of feedback, 120 transactions, but the account was probably hacked, it said it was located in New Jersey.

c5 rv
10-08-04, 08:39 PM
I wouldn't do it, but here are a few stories:

- I worked with a guy who bought a recent model Mercedes on ebay during work from a dealer in Florida and had it delivered - nice car, no problems. The whole office was around him desk as he won the auction. No wonder that office closed.

- There's the famous internet story about the guy who won an ebay auction for a new mitsu evo offered by a dealer in Phoenix. When he contacted the dealer, he was told that the car was already sold and the forgot to take down the auction. Other members of the auto forum located the car at the dealer and the dealer got irate - especially after being flooded with email, calls, and bad press from all over the world. Apparently the buyer and dealer eventually worked something out.

- I know a guy who likes to collect mid-80s Mercedes 300d diesels. Since he lives in Michigan, there are very few unrusted unit. He picks southern cities that are served by Spirit or Airtran and scans the cars for sale in the papers and autotrader. He sets up appointments for a Saturday, buys a 1-way ticket, and hires a taxi for the day. If he finds what he wants, he buys it and drives home. If he doesn't, he returns to the airport and buys a 1-way ticket home.