: Soon to be 2008 Escalade EXT Owner

04-04-11, 02:04 AM
Is there any thing i should know about this truck? Any tips or tricks. where to get an updated Nav Disk?

04-04-11, 02:41 AM
Study this thread, I promise this is the first thing you'll want to add... http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-escalade-ext-esv-forum-2007/191111-who-knows-where-find-part-20783877-a.html

Free Nav disk: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-escalade-ext-esv-forum-2007/

04-04-11, 04:36 AM
Bed slide is the second, but before anything confirm it is NOT an Ext with wind noise issues and all fluids are changed to synthetic.

04-04-11, 06:19 AM
Whats is the VCIM..Whats is its purpose and how will it benefit me.

04-04-11, 06:57 AM
Vehicle Communications something Module. It is the OnStar "brain". Prior to 2009, the Escalade did not have Bluetooth... period. Starting in 2009 it was integrated with the OnStar system. Eventually just about everyone with a 2007 or '08 Escalade goes looking for a way to pair their phone with the truck and is shocked to find that there is no BT on the first 2 years. The solution is to obtain a VCIM from a 2009 vehicle and swap it in. This will give you completely OEM integrated Bluetooth functionality, including a Dial Pad on the nav screen, caller ID on the gauge cluster screen, and answer/hang up from the steering wheel mute button. Minor caveat is that this will disable OnStar since the VINs for the replacement module and the truck won't physically match. Most people don't give a damn about OnStar and therefore don't care about giving it up.

04-16-11, 12:05 PM
A bed slide was the first thing I added to my EXT, second was LED lights around the top of the bed., last was electric locks to the saddle stroage boxes.


04-16-11, 12:32 PM
electric locks? Any more info on this? And the leds of the bed?

04-16-11, 02:43 PM
Second the electric locks. Please share!

04-17-11, 01:29 AM
The LEDs can be found at this website. www.AvalancheAndAccessories.com

The electric locks are from my friend "Steve" in FLA at this website http://avpowerlocks.com/


04-17-11, 01:31 AM
The electric locks can be purchased at this website. http://avpowerlocks.com/

I use to own an avalanche and installed the locks on the truck. They worked great!


04-28-11, 08:19 PM
What about magnetic ride control is it avilable in 2008 and does it really make a big diffrence and how to test the vehicle for wind noise

Anything else?

04-28-11, 08:55 PM
2009 was the first year for the mag ride. To test wind noise drive it at hiway speeds.

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04-29-11, 03:53 PM
Mag ride worth it or not?