: Remote start extender with hatch lift or climate/seat warmer control??

04-03-11, 08:09 PM
I have the Bypasskit remote extender on my 2008 Escalade ESV. It works fine, except that it does NOT activate the seat warmers and merely puts the climate control on full blast heat in the winter.

Unfortunately, replacement remotes are not available anymore and both mine are broken.

Does anyone have experience with remote start extenders, with two-way confirmation of start, that have either true climate/seat warmer control or especially has a button programmable to raise the hatch?

Two options I have seen out there on the market:
This one boasts "trunk pop":


Even if one of these companies or an installer assured me it will do what I want it to do, I'd feel a lot better knowing another owner had good luck.


Big Windy Ext
04-04-11, 07:45 AM
GM/Cadillac has the advanced two-way remote , runs the climate control , seat heaters , and has the longer range you are looking for . The remote has a display that shows vehicle status , fuel level ,miles , tire pressure , countdown timer on remote start , and radio channel changer . I installed the antenna that comes with it outside the vehicle , range is a good block or more . It is a bulky remote that I generally use just in the winter. The only thing longer is using your I-phone .

04-04-11, 10:18 AM
how do you use your iPhone? I saw Viper offering a system that can connect to the phone. and saw an OnStar commercial that offered control, is that what you mean?

04-04-11, 04:43 PM
OnStar MyLink is compatible with the iPhone and Android, but is only available for vehicles 2010 or newer. The only other iPhone controlling system is the Viper one you mentioned, which has a yearly subscription fee after the first year.

I am interested in this GM advanced remote... where do you find that and how hard is it to install?

04-04-11, 09:22 PM
Do a Google search on " GM 2-way advanced remote start 19157237 "........the part # 191572237 is for the 07-08s which I think you have.....can also read up on feedback from other GM forums just remove the part # in your search

Big Windy Ext
04-05-11, 07:42 AM
The install was not too difficult , underneath the headliner in the back above the window in my EXT . I had the dealer do it , but I wasn't happy w/the range and kept moving the antenna till I got the sweet spot outside the vehicle under the arch on my EXT . It also needed dealer programming .

04-12-11, 03:22 PM
compustar alarms have remote start, 2-way remotes, defrost, 2 aux outs, trunk open and 9 programmable outputs.

regardless of alarm you will need bypass for remote start and door lock/unlock. if you use an idatalink ads (al), you will also get heated seats.