: C1246 Change Break light MSG

04-03-11, 07:10 PM
Ok i have a separate part of this posted over in the Seville/Elodrado forums section
but have not received an answer over there so posting it over here
the MSG that says change break pads im getting on code c1246
it does not tell me weather they are front or rear left or right
is this normal is it supposed to just say change break pads and then you guess witch ones it is ?
or is there supposed to be a code that tells you what axle is bad for the break pads ?

04-04-11, 06:46 PM
well never mind thanks to all the replis LOL
i called my mechanic after a day of waiting and he told me that it only says one code for that
wont say wich axle it is wich kind of sucks

but thanks for the fast and promp replies yall are great LMAO