: northstar eldo fuel

10-06-04, 08:56 PM
I read somewhere that newer eldos can use regular fuel as opposed to premium. Does anyone know what year that began? Also, I read somewhere that northstart engines that are made for premium fuel can use regualr without adverse effects. Thank you.

10-06-04, 09:54 PM
The year was 2000. Yes according to resident expert "BBobinski", no damage shouls occur. Maybe a slight decrease in performance, if you always drive flat out.

10-06-04, 09:55 PM
In 2000 they lowered the compression ratio to alow regular fuel. The pre 2000's "recommend" premium but the Northstar has a very effective knock sensor and will run quite well on regular. It will sense a spark knock long before you hear it and retards the timing appropriately. In theory you will loose some performance but I have switched to 87 over 2 years ago and have noticed no degredation in performance or fuel milage. If I were going to race it I would use 93.

10-06-04, 11:20 PM
thank you very much guys

10-09-04, 04:33 PM
With the price of gas up, my dad apparently is putting 87 in mom's '99. I drove it the other day to change the oil and it pinged like crazy. Gas card was in the console so I topped it off with 93. :D

10-10-04, 11:11 PM
:coolgleam i've swicthed to mid grade with a little ping and it performs better than the lower emission refomulated fuel's here in texas.

10-20-04, 05:49 PM
A lot of you people suggest using 87 octane. TRIED IT---DON'T LIKE IT----for the extra $3 or $4 per tankfull I will go with the 93 Octane. Personally, I think my Eldo runs 100% better with a good brand name premium fuel. To each his own, I guess.