: Horrible horrible!

04-02-11, 01:55 PM
So I finally tracked my car at the Santa pod raceway today.. I had high hopes as this is a sea level track. Back in Idaho running close to 6000ft with DA I ran consistent at 112-113. Well my first run I almost puked after I saw the time slip. 13.3@107mph !!:crying: The car hasn't thrown any codes (that I know of) and I removed the maf sensor and cleaned after that run. My highest trap speed was 109 and thats about it. I want to convince myself its the DA since i hope nothing is wrong with the car. But after seeing the times online of similar performing cars running the time they should, Im a little skeptical. There were two 2000+ trans-ams on radials and modified running slower than me so that made me think too. What should I check for? Car seems to run fine other than those timeslips.

04-02-11, 02:45 PM
What was your 1/8th mile speed and 60' time?

Bad air can definitely effect performance. However 5 to 10mph is a pretty steep loss.... hence your post.

Might be time for a quick dyno test if there's not a short circuit between the pedals and steering wheel

04-02-11, 03:04 PM
I dont know if the issue was electrical but my rear taillights have been messed with in order to get the car UK street legal (amber turn signals.

60ft. 2.2
1/8th: 8.6@86.36
1000': 11.14
MPH 99.87
1/4: 13.20
MPH: 107.42

Like I said, in Idaho I was running in horrible DA and I did better in MPH than here. A good 3-4pmh on average. Tonight my lowest trap was 105 and fastest was 109. Also, I know you may say something about my 2.2 60ft but that has been like that anywhere I run.

Below are pics of my demise.


04-02-11, 03:23 PM
Do you happen to know what your boost level was or is showing?

I know forum member "snzuloz" found his substandard performance was the result of a lack of proper boost.

04-02-11, 03:31 PM
Boost was as normal..8.5-9psi. I think I actually saw the needle shoot past 9 a couple of times.. It definitely wasn't reading below normal. I felt like it just wasn't pulling hard as usual on fourth gear after 80mph.

04-02-11, 04:15 PM
video of one of the runs :

Me Wanna A V
04-02-11, 08:01 PM
Umm, so you picked up a whopping 7.5 mph from the 1/8 to the 1/4 mile?
Something is very wrong!!!!

Bad gas causing spark knock- maybe?

Spark plugs?

04-03-11, 12:14 AM
DA is what exactly? Traction controls on or off? Any modifications?

04-03-11, 05:48 AM
DA was probably less than 1k feet as this track is pretty much sea level. Im not sure about the gas but that was a concern. I used 98 (UK) which is equivalent to 94 US. I always use this gas and not only for the track It may be the gas as this is the logical explanation. Once I flip it into 4th..its like nope...im not gonna go any faster and it crawls to triple digits. Only mod is corsa touring mufflers. Below are my times from Idaho in 6000ft+ DA and first time out.

60ft: 2.6 (first time out :ill:)
1/8: 9.127
MPH: 88.05
1000': 11.511
1/4: 13.510

MPH: 113.46

So yes. Something must be wrong because it seems the car might be pulling timing. Again I cleaned the MAF sensor on the spot. Car was shipped and parked for 60 days straight. Do you think spark plugs have anything to do with it? I also did an oil change so that's good to go.

04-03-11, 06:05 AM
I did the conversions and with DA it was 250ft altitude.

04-03-11, 09:00 AM
Could be as simple as heat soak. Try and cool the car down some, don't leave it idling with the air on in the prestage lane, stage as quickly as possible.

04-03-11, 12:55 PM
Heat soak definitely plays a factor..But considering I came from a hotter place and did much better? hmmmm. I was told that our ecu's arent programmed to run at sea level and that the car still may think its up at altitude. Then again i spoke to some guys in the area who are running bad times just as me... There was a 2011 GT500 running 13s too. Weird.

04-03-11, 10:23 PM
Just trying to qualify this a bit further... 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear were all run till redline, correct?

What gear were you in crossing the 1/4?

04-04-11, 09:14 AM
Yes, red-line all the way without hitting the limiter and some runs were done with no lift as well. I always cross in fourth gear.

04-04-11, 12:58 PM
May not explain all of your missing trap speed away, but you were bucking a serious headwind.

Probably just an optical illusion, but that track looks like it goes uphill.

Do you have any other examples of other cars running that day and their ET and mods?

04-04-11, 02:56 PM
Yea there was some decent head wind and from what I heard this track is actually uphill and not an illusion. Many American guys have said they run slower here than back home as well. Some guys told me the humidity and my supercharger don't get along. Dont really have much examples as all of the other cars there were modified but i lined up against a brand new 335 and he ran 14s. I also heard that one of the guys from here in a 2011 GT500 runs the same time I did. Another friend running his built Twin Turbo Charger SRT8 ran his fastest time 12.6@116. So mayyyybe im just freaking out a little here.

04-04-11, 11:13 PM
Running the same time as a 2011 GT500 (rated 550 hp in a lighter car) is the acid test. Looks like you were carrying a passenger as well.

I wouldn't sweat it. My car can lose 3-4 mph just going from tailwind to headwind. It seems your choice of tracks and conditions are producing the low trap speeds.

04-05-11, 09:23 AM
I agree, maybe ill hit up a different track some other time to see the difference. Also, the passenger helped me run 13.3@105 so yes it lowered my trap speed from 108-109.

04-05-11, 11:03 AM
Next time put the passenger in the trunk to improve 60ft times.

04-05-11, 11:09 AM
hahah.. i dont know what it is but i can never manage anything below 2.1. Its actually pretty complicated