View Full Version : Smoothing out the Gas pedal

04-02-11, 12:54 AM
Does anyone know how to smooth out a stiff gas pedal? Recently it feels like my Fleetwood's pedal is becoming harder to push down for the car to go. It's not super stiff, just not as smooth I remember it being.

I tried lubricating the wires on the throttle body, but that didn't help.


04-02-11, 11:38 AM
There was a TSB for this issue. You should check to see if you can find it.

04-02-11, 01:05 PM
What's a TSB?

I've found the gas pedals sticky on both of my Broughams. It helps to make sure you have your WHOLE foot on the pedal, not just the part of it near your toes.

04-02-11, 01:42 PM
TSB - Technical service bulletin.

04-02-11, 02:39 PM
Don't know about the TSB, but '94 and '95 Fleetwoods are under recall for failure of the throttle pedal return spring. It could be linked to your problem.

1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Vehicle Speed Control Recall 95V082000

Summary: These vehicles fail to conform to fmvss no. 124, "accelerator control systems. " at low temperatures, excessive friction can occur in the accelerator pedal assembly.

Consequence: Consequence of non-compliance: in the event of a failure of the trottle return spring, if there is excessive friction in the pedal assembly, the engine speed may not return to idle increasing the potential for a vehicle crash.

Remedy: Dealers will replace the accelerator pedal assembly.

04-02-11, 08:13 PM
Yep, that's what I am thinking of. Not a TSB. A recall. Get your dealer to run your VIN to confirm that this recall campaign has been done on your car.

04-03-11, 07:06 AM
Oh wow, I had no clue that these cars had that problem. Thanks so much Jay! I will definitely check with the dealer on Mon, to see if the the pedal was ever replaced. Not sure if something can be done now, since not too many of these cars were made. Hopefully the dealer can find some old pedals lying around to use if mine has the original pedal.