: Transmission/Diff Whine

04-01-11, 03:36 PM
Now i know its expected for the differential to whine in these cars and i've seen in other threads people getting them replaced at some dealers because the noise alone is considered failure. Just wondering how loud the whine actually has to be for it to fall into that category to get the dealer to replace it under warranty.

Also i have noticed a whine from the shifter/gearbox area when downshifting into 2nd gear, just curious if this normal and other people have the same noise.

04-01-11, 04:29 PM
Mine was so loud at 45, you had to blast the stereo to completely drown it out. A fluid change will quiet it down, but won't eliminate it. Considering the noise this issue has generated (pardon the pun) most dealers will just replace your diff, IF IT IS THE ORIGINAL.

I don't know about the shifter. I never had any noise there. Just the parade clunk.

04-01-11, 04:53 PM
It is the original diff as far as i know. The whine is not that bad yet but my bumper is going to run up in a few months and id like to take advantage of it hopefully. I can hear it when i get off the gas at decent rpms and under moderate acceleration. Guess ill just have to see what the dealer is willing to do. Thanks for the info.

The gear noise sounds like a synchro revving up to match the down shift before i let the clutch out. Don't know if that means it is on its way out or not.

04-02-11, 01:30 PM
There have been a few isolated occurrences of synchros failing. Those who had got their transmission replaced under warranty.

Try a couple dealers. Some are going to tell you it's normal. Others will take care of you. Just depends on the dealer.