: First Look: 2012 Cadillac DRW Platinum Heavy-Duty Pickup Truck

Lord Cadillac
04-01-11, 09:23 AM

When it comes to trucks, you can never have too much torque or, apparently, luxury. Cadillac is expanding its vehicle lineup with its first-ever heavy-duty pickup, the DRW Platinum, which will debut later this month at the 2011 New York Auto Show.

"The all-new 2011 GMC Sierra Denali HD has been extremely successful, but we heard from our buyers that they wanted even more luxury," Cadillac spokeswoman April Fursten said. "[GM CEO Dan Akerson] said if they wanted luxury, then we needed to make the Cadillac of heavy–duty trucks."

The DRW Platinum shares the same one-ton platform as the Chevrolet Silverado 3500 and GMC Sierra 3500 pickups with a few key differences that make it worthy of the crest and wreath emblem.

The DRW Platinum will only be available in a dual-rear-wheel crew cab configuration with the 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 diesel engine, but the Duramax is getting a power boost that’s exclusive to Cadillac. It will be rated at 410 horsepower and 810 pounds-feet of torque, making it the most powerful oil burner available among heavy-duty pickups. The Duramax will also be paired with an all-new eight-speed Allison "1000-8" transmission.

"We’re going further than anyone has ever gone before," Fursten said. Towing and hauling details will be provided at a later date, but we’re told to expect "galactic-sized numbers."

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The Tony Show
04-01-11, 09:31 AM

I hate April 1. :shifty

04-01-11, 09:36 AM
I c wut u did ther.

04-01-11, 11:08 AM
Wanna real joke? Come up to Boston right now...

04-01-11, 11:10 AM
Snow? lol

04-01-11, 11:13 AM
Yeah, but it's not too bad. Only a couple inches in Boston and maybe 3-4 in Billerica. I stayed over my parents' last night since my first job this morning was the next town over and my city could potentially get nailed. I don't know how much snow I got but I heard it could be up around 8".

I have a job going down to CT later today so I may have some evening snowblowing to do...

04-01-11, 11:16 AM
That sucks.

04-01-11, 01:42 PM
That's actually a pretty darn good rendering, looks cool IMO. They'll never make it though, they could never get a pickup like that to "ride like a Cadillac", unless they included 500lbs of sand bags in the bed as standard equipment.

04-01-11, 02:16 PM
I'd buy one. :peeking:

04-01-11, 03:39 PM
Those would sell like mad...

04-01-11, 03:53 PM
I would totally drive one of those...

04-01-11, 05:01 PM
They'd have to figure out what to do about a blinged out double rear wheel...

04-01-11, 10:52 PM
That sucks.
Twas not so bad. Got home a little while ago. We probably got about 5" but it was so wet, followed by rain, that it compressed to about 2-3" and any solid surface had enough radiational heat to keep clear. So no snowblowing.

I could shovel the walkways but by tomorrow afternoon, it will be clear...

04-01-11, 11:35 PM
It was 90 damn degrees here today. Couldn't get the A/C to quit blowing at max until I turned off the auto setting.